1960 – 8th April – Rangitiki

From London, UK to Wellington, New Zealand via Madeira, Curaçao and Panama Canal


Back row, standing:

A. G. Course, Fourth Officer
R. E. Barnard, Supy. Third Officer
W. Davidson, Third Officer
J. Lawrie, Fourth Engineer
E. Carder, Third Engineer
C. L. Lambe, First Radio Officer
A. W. Lindsay, First Elect. Engn.
J. W. Luke, First Refrig. Eng.
D. J. Harper, Chief Steward
Miss A. Withers, S.R.N., S.C.M., Nursing Sister

Front row, seated:

S. C. Downing, Purser
J. M. Withington, Second Officer
D. C. Blackman, Chief Officer
Commander P. S. Calcutt
J. P. R. Williams, Commodore Chief Engineer
W. D. Arnold, Second Engineer
R. A. Lacey, M.B ., B.S., D.R.C.O.G., Surgeon

Not in photo:

R. W. Miller, Second Radio Officer
M. R. Warner, Asst. Purser

Rangitiki-1960-Title-pageLIST OF PASSENGERS

First Class

Armstrong, Mr. T.
Bancroft, Mr. E.
Bancroft, Mrs.
Bancroft, Mr. C. J.
Bancroft, Master E. B.
Bancroft, Miss E. M.
Collins, Miss G. E.
Davey, Mr. N.
Elworthy, Mr. D. H.
Feltham, Mrs. W.
Feltham, Miss E. P.
Feltham, Miss K. G.
Fossey, Mr. F. G.
Fossey, Miss G.
Grant, Mrs. E.
Griffiths, Mrs. K.
Griffiths, Master P. B.
Hands, Mr. A. K.
Hands, Mrs.
Hardy, Mrs. E. M.
Hassan, Mr. M. E.
Hazewinkel, Mr. H. M. J.
Hazewinkel, Mrs.
Hazewinkel, Miss K. B.
Hewitt, Miss C. A.
Jones, Mr. E. W. R.
Jones, Mr. R. R.
Kidgell, Mr. E.
Legg, Mr. R. W.
Legg, Mrs.
Lewis, Mrs. C. E.
Lovett, Miss L. E.
Mansell, Mrs. M. M.
Martin, Mrs. E. L.
May, Mr. H. C.
May, Mrs.
Mears, Mr. J. H.
Moffat, Mrs. P. F.
Moffat, Miss P. E.
Moffett, Mr. J. P.
Morton, Professor J. E. (Wikipedia link)
Morton, Mrs.
Morton, Miss C. P.
Morton, Master R. P.
McBeath, Mrs. F. M.
McLennan, Mrs. M. M.
Palmer, Mr. A. G.
Palmer, Mrs.
Postles, Mr. F. A.
Ramshaw, Miss J. L.
Ralls, Mr. A. E.
Richardson, Mr. R. J.
Richardson, Mrs.
Ritchie, Sqd./Ldr. J. W.
Ritchie, Mrs.
Ritchie, Miss K. M.
Ritchie, Miss J. A.
Ritchie, Miss L.
Ritchie, Miss J.
Ritchie, Master J. W.
Roane, Mr. H.
Robertson, Mrs. M. D.
Ronald, Mr. M. J. K.
Rose, Mrs. D. A.
Rushton, Mrs. G.
Salinger, Mrs. H. R.
Shaw, Mr. R. H., Snr.
Shaw, Mr. R. H., Jnr.
Shaw, Mrs.
Taylor, Mrs. M. R.
Taylor, Master R. H.
Taylor, Miss S. M.
Thomas, Mr. G. B.
Thomas, Mrs.
Thomas, Master L. B.
Watts, Mr. H. L.
Watts, Mrs.
Wolstencroft, Mrs. N. G.
Young, Mr. B. J.
Young, Mrs.

To Curaçao

Tamsma, Mr. S.
Tamsma, Mrs.
Tamsma, Miss S. A.
Tamsma, Miss S. M.
Tamsma, Master J. F.

From Curaçao

Swain, Mr.

To Panama

Dutton, Mrs. E.
Stockland, Mr. S. R.
Vaughan, Mr. G. E., C.B.E. (British Ambassador to Panama)
Vaughan, Mrs.

Tourist Class

Ansell, Mr. H. C.
Ashford, Mr. J. F.
Ashford, Mrs.
Baldock, Mr. M. D.
Baldwin, Mrs. S. A.
Baldwin, Miss K. B.
Ball, Mr. J.
Ball, Mrs.
Barratt, Miss B.
Barron, Miss O.
Beckman, Mr. F. C.
Benson, Mr. J.
Benson, Miss F.
Beres, Mr. B.
Beres, Mrs.
Beres, Miss I.
Beres, Miss E. M.
Beres, Master B.
Beres, Miss S. J.
Booth, Miss S.
Borra, Mrs. E. M.
Boyland, Mr. C.
Bradford, Mr. W. E.
Bradford, Mrs.
Bradbury, Mrs. S. J.
Bradbury, Miss N.
Bradbury, Miss F.
Brealey, Mr. F. E. J.
Bridle, Mr. S. E.
Bridle, Mrs.
Bridle, Miss M. N.
Bridle, Miss R. J.
Bridle, Mr. K. A.
Brown, Mr. T. G.
Brown, Mrs.
Brown, Master A. L.
Bruce, Mr. D. A.
Burchett, Mr. C.
Burchett, Mrs.
Burchett, Miss V. J.
Burchett, Master G. W.
Burton, Mr. H.
Bushell, Mrs. H. M.
Byrne, Mrs.
Byrne, Miss
Campbell, Miss R.
Cherry, Mr. C.
Cherry, Mrs.
Cherry, Mr. M.
Cherry, Mr. A.
Cherry, Mr. D. N.
Churchouse, Miss. C. L.
Clark, Mr. B. H.
Clark, Mrs.
Cleverley, Miss D. C.
Coburn, Mr. J.
Cockburn, Mr. W.
Coffman, Mr. G. F.
Coffman, Mrs.
Coffman, Mr. L. W.
Coffman, Master G. J.
Collingwood, Mrs. E.
Comer, Miss D. C.
Cornish, Mr. S. V.
Daniels, Mr. J. H.
Daniels, Mrs.
Davey, Mr. J.
Davies, The Rev. W. A., B.A., B.D.
Davies, Mrs.
Davies, Miss E. M.
Davies, Master M. J.
Davies, Master J. C.
Day, Mr. F. C.
Delaney, Mr. W.
Dempster, Mr. T. S.
Devlin, Mr. J.
Dickson, Mr. C.
Dodds, Mr. R.
Dodds, Mrs.
Douglas, Mr. R.
Dunn, Mr. I. A.
Edwards, Mr. D. R.
Edwards, Mrs.
Edwards, Master G. D.
Edwards, Master G. L.
Edwards, Miss G. F.
Edwards, Mrs. L.
Eltes, Mrs. G. F.
Eltes, Miss K. L.
Evans, Mr. W.
Evans, Mrs.
Fee, Mr. F. A.
Fisk, Mr. E. J.
Fisk, Mrs.
Fisk, Master S.
Forster, Mr. M.
Rangitiki-Tourist-Class-TicketFuller, Mr. Bruce G.
Goodwin, Mrs. J. W.
Goodwin, Miss A. A.
Goodwin, Miss C. A.
Goodwin, Master D. M.
Gorman, Mr. G. P.
Greaves, Mr. S.
Greaves, Mrs.
Green, Mr. A. T.
Greer, Mr. R. N.
Greer, Mrs.
Greer, Master E. A.
Greer, Master R.
Greer, Master W. A.
Greer, Miss M. E.
Groves, Mrs. E.
Guy, Mr. M. F.
Hagan, Mr. W.
Hagan, Mrs.
Hagan, Mr. W. R.
Hagan, Miss P. A.
Hagan, Miss E.
Hagan, Master J.
Harris, Mr. A. J.
Harris, Mr. J. C.
Hendry, Miss J. B.
Hennessy, Mr. J. L.
Hennessy, Mrs.
Higgins, Mr. P.
Holland, Mrs. M.
Hughes, Mr. H. S.
Hughes, Mrs.
Hughes, Master P. J.
Hughes, Miss P. B.
Hughes, Master A. D.
Johns, Mrs. F. L.
Johnson, Mrs. E. T.
Johnson, Master H. G.
Johnson, Mrs. M. A.
Jones, Mr. I.
Jones, Mrs.
Jones, Miss L. A.
Jones, Master T. C.
Jones, Master L. M.
Jones, Mr. J. F.
Jones, Miss O.
Jones, Mr. W.
Jones, Mrs.
Kenning, Miss D. G.
Kim, Mr. J. D.
Kim, Mrs.
Kim, Master H.
King, Mr. P. D. A.
King, Mrs.
King, Miss P.
Knight, Mr. C. G.
Langlois, Miss S. A.
Ledsham, Miss C. A.
Lord, Mr. K. A.
MacDonald, Mr. J.
MacDonald, Mrs.
MacLeod, Mr. J.
Marshall, Mr. J. P.
Marshall, Mrs.
Marshall, Master J. D.
Mathias, Miss G. S.
Milne, Mrs. M.
Monteath, Mr. W.
Moore, Mrs. W. E.
Morrison, Mr. J. B.
Morrison, Mrs.
Murphy, Mr. A.
McCormack, Mrs. M. C.
McDonald, Mrs. J.
McDonald, Miss J.
McGeown, Mrs. A. M.
McGuire, Mr. P.
McIntosh, Mr. S. A.
McIntosh, Mrs.
McIntosh, Master C. S.
McNab, Mrs. S.
McNab, Master J. W. P.
McNaughton, Mrs. G. M.
McShane, Mr. J. C. W. A.
McShane, Mrs.
McShane, Master J.
Noble, Mr. A. E. W.
Nye, Miss J.
O’Hara, Mr. W. S. D.
Olsen, Miss M.
O’Reilly, Mr. P. J.
O’Reilly, Mrs.
Orford, Mr. A.
Osbourne, Mr. R. S.
Pailing, Mr. R. L.
Pailing, Miss F. I.
Palmer, Mr. D. W.
Palmer, Mr. L. D.
Patterson, Mr. G.
Patterson, Mrs.
Patterson, Master C. G.
Patterson, Master T.
Pearson, Miss D. J. E.
Penfold, Mr. L. P. G.
Penfold, Mrs.
Perry, Mr. C. W. E. G.
Peters, Mrs. E. M.
Peters, Master B. J.
Philips, Mr. D.
Piggott, Mrs. A.
Powell, Mr. W. J.
Powell, Mrs.
Powell, Miss J.
Powell, Miss A. M.
Poynor, Miss S. C.
Pracey, Mr. B.
Prendiville, Mr. J. P.
Reid, Mrs. M.
Reive, Mr. S.
Reive, Mrs.
Reive, Mrs. E. F.
Reive, Miss Z.
Reive, Miss V. R.
Renney, Mrs. D. M.
Renney, Master L. L.
Renney, Miss L. J.
Roberts, Mrs. F. E.
Roker, Mr. R. T.
Roker, Mrs.
Roker, Master A.
Roker, Miss J.
Rush, Mr. A. S.
Rust, Mr. T. R.
Rust, Mrs.
Rust, Miss E.
Rust, Miss A.
Rust, Miss H.
Sargent, Mrs. J. A.
Sayer, Mrs. J.
Sayer, Master K. J.
Sayer, Master S. J.
Shelsher, Mr. M. E.
Shilston, Miss D. M.
Sigrist, Mrs. E. E.
Skilling, Mr. C. R.
Skilling, Mrs.
Skinner, Mr. R. W.
Smith, Mr. G. W.
Spencer, Miss M. J.
Steedman, Mrs. A. S.
Stewart, Mrs. E. M.
Stockley, Mr. J. H.
Stockley, Mrs.
Syme, Mrs. N.
Tamburrini, Miss J. M.
Taylor, Miss A.
Thomson, Mrs. A.
Thomson, Miss E. I.
Thornton, Miss M. E.
Thorpe, Mrs. C. E.
Tingle, Mr. D.
Tingle, Mrs.
Turtle, Mr. G.
Turtle, Mr. W.
Turtle, Mrs.
Turtle, Miss A. S.
Turtle, Miss F. B.
Twine, Mr. R. C.
Wain, Miss E.
Walker, Mr. J.
Watson, Mrs. E.
Webster, Mrs. F. M.
Webster, Miss K. L.
Wemyss, Mrs. M. S.
White, Mr. J. E.
White, Mrs.
Whittle, Mr. P. W.
Whittle, Mrs.
Whyte, Mr. J. A.
Whyte, Mrs.
Whyte, Master A. C.
Whyte, Miss G. M.
Wild, Miss E. Z.
Williams, Miss D.
Willis, Mr. O. S.
Willis, Mrs.
Willis, Miss C. S.
Willis, Master M. O.
Willis, Miss R. M.
Wilson, Mr. G. T.
Wilson, Mrs.
Wilson, Master
Wilson, Mr. T. W.
Wisedale, Miss D.
Woods, Mrs. M.
Woods, Master R. A.
Wright, Mr. C.
Wright, Mrs.
Wright, Miss D. C.
Wright, Miss A. R.
Wright, Miss H. C.
Wyrsch, Mr. R.


Deletions 1st Class

Stockland, Mr. S. R. – To Panama


Macleod Mr. J.
Smith, Mr. G. W.
Stockland, Mrs. R. – To Curaçao
Webster, Mrs. F. M.
Webster, Miss K. L.


Hazewinkel, Master K. B.

Deletions Tourist Class

Harris, Mr. J. C.
Macleod, Mr. J.
Piggott, Mrs. A.
Smith, Mr. G. W.
Webster, Mrs. F. M.
Webster, Miss K. L.


Green, Mr. J.
Knight, Mr. H. G.
Marshall, Mrs. E.
Van Niekerk, Mr. De La Rey


Booth, Mrs. S.
Douglass, Mr. E.

Called at Pitcairn Island on 4th May 1960

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