Rangitata – 1929-1962

The photographs on this page are from my collection of postcards of the Rangitata which was built in 1929. The Rangitata made her first call at Pitcairn Island on her maiden voyage, stopping there on 20th December, 1929. Her final call at the island was on 7th April 1962, a short time before going to the ship-breakers at Split on 21st July*.

The Rangitata has a “stub” page on Wikipedia with further information about the history of the ship.

The notes on a couple of images of postcard backs refer to my research into the photographs on Henry George Keyse, a New Zealand Shipping Company barber and photographer. The page about back styles may be seen by clicking here.

Blog entries about the Rangitata on this site may be found by clicking here.

*Information from Pitcairn Island as a Port of Call by Herbert Ford (ISBN 978-0-7864-6604-7).