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Rangitata collects Parkin Christian

The complete passenger list, and some of the crew listing, has now been added (click here) for the voyage of the Rangitata from London on 13th April, 1956. Although he was not on the passenger list, Parkin Christian was picked up from Pitcairn Island, en route for Norfolk Island, by this ship.


Read more about another passenger on this voyage, Sir John Smith-Dodsworth, who settled in New Zealand on arrival in 1956: Obituary

NEW: Rangitata, 13th October 1938

HowToAccessI’m pleased to announce that another complete passenger list has been added to this blog. Passengers listed on the voyage of the Rangitata in October 1938 may be found by clicking on the “Passenger Lists” drop down menu at the top of this page. You can then click on the appropriate group of dates, in this case 1920-1949, or look for the pop out menu on the right and select the actual page required.

It takes a long time to type in all the names from the passenger list, and then check them, and there is no charge for access to this website. If you think it is useful and you would like to encourage me to continue this work, please give a small donation to Cancer Research by clicking THIS LINK. Thank you. At the time of writing £226.50 has been raised. The minimum donation is £2 if donating in Sterling.

Also just added is the crew listing for the Rangitane‘s voyage which left Wellington on 14th April, 1955. I do not have the passenger list for this voyage.

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I would love to publish your stories and photographs connected with voyages on the New Zealand Shipping Company vessels. Yesterday (18th June, 2016) was a good day with 110 views from 8 different countries as shown in the charts below, generated by Wordpress. Just a small £2 donation would make a huge difference to Cancer Research.

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