1884 – 3rd May – Tongariro

From the Port of Lyttelton, New Zealand

This passenger list and photograph is not from my own collection, but from an auction Lot that appeared on eBay in March 2017. The vendor kindly photographed the list of names clearly and I have re-typed them here.

One name in the First Saloon listing, Charles de Vere Teschemaker, was unusual enough to warrant a Google search and I have shown the results as a link from this page – click here.


Commander: E. O. Hallett, R.N.
Chief Engineer: W. Waring
Surgeon: Jas. Cook, M.D.
Purser: E. Bernard



Mr. Acland
Mr. Acland
Mrs. Acland
Master Acland
Mrs. Bourke
Mr. S. Briggs
Mrs. Burnett
Miss J. Burnett
Miss A. Burnett
Mr. H. Burnett
Mrs. Cargill
Master Cargill
Mr. G. Clifford
Miss E. Depree
Mr. E. D’Angibau
Rev. Thos. Flavell
Miss J. Freeborough
Right Rev. Bishop of Wellington
Mrs. Hadfield
Miss M. Hare
Mr. A. Harper
Mr. G. Henderson
Mrs. Henderson
Mr. Hill
Mrs. Hill
Miss Macandrew
Miss A. Macandrew
Mr. Rous Marten
Mrs. Marten
Mr. J. H. K. Nicholls
Mr. H. W. Packer
Mrs. Packer
Miss H. Packer
Miss E. Packer
Miss L. Packer
Miss A. Packer
Miss E. Packer
Miss C. Packer
Miss M. Packer
Hon. Wm. S. Peter
Miss Sadd
Mr. W. Schmidt
Mrs. Schmidt
Mr. C. Sharpe
Mirs. Sime
Mrs. Spence
Miss Spence
Rev. J. M. Sutherland
Mrs. Sutherland
Mr. Charles de Vere Teschemaker
Mrs. Teschemaker
Master C. Teschemaker
Master J. Teschemaker
Mr. C. G. Tripp
Mrs. Tripp
Miss C. M. H. Tripp
Miss E. H. Tripp
Mr. B. E. H. Tripp
Mr. J. M. H. Tripp
Miss Vonwiller
Mrs. Watts
Miss Watts
Mr. G. Watts
Mrs. Watson



Mr. A. Aldridge
Mr. J. E. Beckingham
Mr. F. Berkley
Mrs. M. Butt
Mr. F. Danner
Mrs. Jane Fergus
Mr. A. Fox
Mr. J. R. Holly
Mr. H. C. F. Lee
Mrs. S. Mills
Mr. B. J. Pattrick
Mrs. Pattrick
Mr. G. Plummer
Mr. J. W. Prime
Mrs. Prime
Mr. J. Thwaites
Mr. S. Weld



Mr. P. Aiken
Mr. H. Armstrong
Mr. R. Batt
Mr. J. Bud
Mr. W. Buskin
Mr. J. Calaghan
Mr. P. Clark
Mr. J. Curry
Mr. H. Dalzall
Mr. W. East
Mr. M. Eise
Mrs. J. H. Eise
Miss J. Eise
Master W. A. Eise
Mr. J. B. Godwin
Mrs. L. Godwin
Master R. Godwin
Master J. Godwin
Master A. Godwin
Miss H. Godwin
Miss Godwin
Mr. J. Gordon
Mr. G. Glew
Mrs. S. Glew
Miss S. Glew
Miss A. M. Glew
Miss S. Grieve
Mr. W. Grime
Mr. A. Hardy
Mrs. M. Hardy
Master A. Hardy
Mr. W. Harpham
Mr. J. Hogg
Mrs. E. Howe
Mr. C. Hornby
Mr. J. L. B. Idle
Mr. G. Idle
Mr. D. Jackson
Miss M. A. Jackson
Mr. J. Jenkinson
Mrs. B. Jones
Master H. Jones
Mr. T. Keen
Mr. J. Kirk
Mr. Moses Lee
Mr. J. Liddington
Mrs. A. Liddington
Mr. J. Mann
Mr. G. C. Mangiun
Mrs. McGee
Mrs. McGuire and three children
Mrs. S. McDowell
Mr. W. McWhiney
Mr. G. Morrison
Mrs. S. Morrison
Mr. J. Moulson
Mr. R. Mortland
Mr. A. Newman
Mr. J. O’Donaghue
Mrs. M. O’Phelan
Mr. H. Oxby
Mr. J. Page
Mr. G. Pope
Mr. G. Philpot
Mrs. Philpot and child
Mr. H. Rust
Mrs. Snow
Miss Snow
Mrs. A. Spence
Mr. W. Simmons
Mr. E. Thomas