A Christmas message from the Ruahine

I would love to know what year this postcard was written. It is a very interesting report of events on a journey from the UK to New Zealand aboard the Ruahine. The writer states that the weather is so warm that they have even discarded their socks! Whatever next?


S/S Ruahine. Xmas day.

Dear Mrs Moore.

HeavySea-Ruahine-BigMessage-backWe have had such a rough voyage so far that writing has been out of the question. Ever since we left the English Channel the ship has been rocked from side to side and from stem to stern by huge waves and only one afternoon have we had a level deck.

The boat is full up, every berth being occupied. We are now enjoying blue skies and sunshine but the strong wind persists. Happily neither Isabelle nor I have been seasick so far, though we’ve felt anything but sure of ourselves at times.

We’ve a most interesting lot of passengers, many of them New Zealanders and others English going out to settle as farmers and what not. An excellent lot of stewards are looking after us and I must say the service is first rate. The food also is on the whole very good.

Despite the rough seas we manage to dance each evening now we’ve got our sea-legs. Isabelle is taking active interest in the sports, especially skipping and deck tennis. All our luggage for use on the voyage has turned up alright.

Xmas is being celebrated as merrily as the heavy rolling of the boat will allow. Women outnumber men in the 2nd class but as the first class passengers join in the dancing and the ships officers join in also, partners are available for most.

We are getting into much warmer weather now. Expect to reach Curaçao in five or six days. We recd your newsful letter and were glad to hear the Bungalow was let. What a turmoil it must have been for you!

Will write at greater length shortly. Love to Joyce and Basil. We are thinking of you all today.

Isabelle sends her affectionate wishes. V sincerely yrs H.P.R.

Dec. 29. Now enjoying hot weather. All passengers in summer clothes. I have discarded socks!!

Dec. 29. Are passing some of the West Indies Islands. Iced drinks in great demand.

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