S.S. Remuera voyage in September 1923

I’m very pleased to announce that I have finally finished typing up all the names for the voyage of the Remuera, from Southampton to Auckland, on 20th September, 1923.

This voyage is of particular interest to me because I have a very rare, privately printed book, written by a passenger on this voyage. The book carries a fairly long and very interesting description of the Remuera‘s call at Pitcairn Island, which I will be reproducing in a book which will be available from the Amazon Kindle Store. More details will be announced in a future post.

EveningPostOct27-1923Two other passengers known to be on this voyage were not in the printed passenger list. They were Pitcairn Islanders Skelly Warren and Elliot Christian, returning home from a trip to London. Their story was covered by The Evening Post, Saturday, October 27th, 1923, and may be read online by clicking here (story is “Seeing London – Pitcairn Islanders’ Big Adventure”).

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