1968 – 19th June – Ruahine

From Auckland, New Zealand to Liverpool, UK via Tahiti, Panama Canal, Kingston, Miami and Bermuda

1968Ruahine-John-Happs-pax-2RMS RUAHINE
This was the final voyage of the ship before it was sold by the New Zealand Shipping Company. The original passenger list is owned by passenger John Happs and is reproduced here with kind permission of maritime historian Reuben Goossens of Australia. Reuben is the webmaster for the fantastic ssMaritime website where the passenger list appears together with a large selection of ephemera from the 1968 cruise. This is a direct link to Reuben’s New Zealand Shipping Company pages on his site. Here is Reuben’s introduction:

“As the RMS Ruahine was ready to depart Auckland there were countless ship lovers and past passengers on the wharf and scattered at vantage points along Auckland’s lengthy shoreline to view her departure and to take photographs of their much loved liner, a ship that had served the New Zealand Shipping Company and New Zealand so well over the many years. But, sadly with the new found popularity of air travel, passenger shipping worldwide was suffering and passenger loadings began to suffer, thus slowly many ships were being sold, ships from the grand Cunard Queens, as well as P&O liners, the New Zealand Shipping Company Passenger Cargo liners Rangitoto and Rangitane had already been sold and now it was time to dispose of the Ruahine. At the conclusion of the voyage, Ruahine would be laid up and placed on the market. But thankfully, the buyers of the Rangitoto and Rangitane would also buy her, and thus she still had a future as a cruise ship!”



Commander: Captain R. G. Hollingdale
Chief Engineer: F. T. Luckham, M.I.MAR.E., R.N.R
Chief Officer: R. C. Anderson
Second Officer: W. A. F. Killackey
Snr. Third Officer: J. Gibbard
Third Officer: B. O’Dea
Jnr. Third Officer: A. C. Patterson
Surgeon: J. W. Miller, M.B., CH.B.
Nursing Sister: Miss M. G. Wildish, S.R.N., S.C.M.
First Radio Officer: G. A. Parker
Second Radio Officer: J. R. Birkinshaw
Second Engineer: F. A. Sutherland
Third Engineer: M. Brewer
Fourth Engineer: T. McLoughlin
First Refrig. Eng.: D. MacCuish
First Elect. Eng.: J. E. Wedderburn
Purser: P. G. Allen
Catering Officer: A. G. C. Smith
Asst. Purser: P. G. Taylerson


1968Ruahine-John-Happs-pax-1LIST OF PASSENGERS

Allison, Miss J. S. E.
Avers, Mrs. F. M.

Ballard, Mr. C.
Ballard, Mrs.
Batchelor, Mrs. F.
Bardsley, Mr. R.
Bardsley, Mrs.
Bardsley, Master K. G.
Best, Mrs. L.
Biggar, Mr. W. T.
Black, Mrs. I.
Brodie, Mr. J. E.
Brodie, Mrs.
Brunt, Miss P. N.
Burbidge, Mr. W. J.
Burrell, Mr. J.
Burrell, Mrs.
Bush, Mr. R. J.

Carrott, Mr. N. S.
Carrott, Mrs.
Challands, Mrs. F. G.
Clark, Mr. C. E.
Clement, Mr. C. W.
Clement, Mrs.
Clyne, Mr. G.
Cocksedge, Mr. C. G.
Cocksedge, Mrs.
Colgan, Mr. P. J.
Cook, Miss P. M.
Cormode, Mrs. E. J.
Cormode, Miss G. M.
Corson, Mr. T. A. N.
Corson, Mrs.
Cove, Mr. P. J.
Cowlard, Mrs. D. A.
Craig, Mr. R. J.
Craig, Mrs.
Crawford, Mrs. M. S.
Curtis, Mrs. C. A.

1968Ruahine-John-Happs-pax-3De La Mare, Mrs. J. M.
De La Mare, Miss S. J.
De La Mare, Miss J. A.
Dixon, Mrs. A.
Dudley, Miss J.
Dunn, Mr. J.

Evans, Mrs. B.
Evans, Mr. F. S.

Flynn, Mr. S.

Gardiner, Mr. A. A.
Gardiner, Mrs.
Godfrey, Miss B. S.
Goorvitch, Mr. J.
Graham, Mrs. M. M.
Griffiths, Miss A. H.
Griffiths, Mr. A. M.

Hall, Mrs. H.
Harris, Mrs. M.
Hamilton, Mrs. M. S.
Hammond, Mr. C. F.
Hammond, Mrs.
Hammond, Miss E. K.
Happs, Mr. J. C.
Harland, Mr. C. J.
Harland, Mrs.
Harrold, Mrs. A. M.
Hay-Chapman, Miss M. L.
Hill, Miss J. M.
Hopson, Mrs. K.
Hyams, Mr. A. J.
Hyams, Mrs.

Ingram, Mrs. E.
Ingram, Master R. M.
Ingram, Master S. D.
Ingram, Master P. M.

Jackson, Mr. S.
Jackson, Mrs.
Jackson, Miss M. A.
Jackson, Master J. E.
Jamieson, Mr. H. D.
Johnston, Mr. E. B.
Johnston, Mrs.
Jolly, Mr. D.

Keir, Miss E. M.
Kelsall, Mrs. A. J.
Klecker, Dr. K.

Lammie, Mr. G.
Lennox, Mr. C. J.
Lipson, Miss F. L.
Longworth, Mr. J. B.
Longworth, Mrs.
Longworth, Miss S. L. G.
Lynn, Mr. J. G.
Lynn, Mrs.
Lumsdon, Mrs. A.

Mackinnon, Mr. A. G.
Macleod, Mrs. A. R.
Macleod, Miss H. J.
McPhee, Mrs. G. A.
Maloney, Mr. M. J. G.
Marsh, Mr. R. B.
Marriott, Sister E. B.
Mathieson, Mrs. H. M.
Moore, Mrs. M.
Morrison, Mrs. M.
Munro, Mr. J. S. B.
Munro, Mrs.

Nokes, Mr. R. F.
Nokes, Mrs.
Nunn, Mr. E. A.
Nunn, Mrs.

O’Connell, Miss P. M.
Oderkerk, Miss S.
O’Neill, Miss E. J.
Oyston, Mrs. E. J.

Parker, Miss P. A.
Partington, Mr. D.
Partington, Mrs.
Partington, Master N. D.
Partington, Master C. H.
Partington, Miss A.
Payne, Mr. A. G.
Penny, Miss L. J.
Perry, Miss J.
Petherick, Mrs. N. V.
Poutu, Miss H. M.

Rand, Mr. C. E.
Rand, Mrs.
Reeves, Mr. A.
Reeves, Mrs.
Revill, Mr. T.
Reynolds, Mrs. I. R.
Reynolds, Miss M. I.
Robinson, Miss M. A.
Rodger, Mr. J. G.
Rodger, Mrs.
Rodger, Miss C. R.
Rose, Miss J. M.
Rossiter, Miss H.
Ruston, Mr. W.
Ruston, Mrs.

Sanderson, Mr. J. G.
Sanderson, Mrs.
Sanderson, Master J. G.
Sanderson, Miss F. P.
Schwitzer, Miss A. M.
Shearer, Mrs. E. M.
Simpson, Miss M. S.
Sinclair, Mrs. M. L.
Sirett, Mr. F. L.
Sirett, Mrs.
Smithies, Mr. L.
Sorensen, Mr. F. O.
Sorensen, Mrs.
Sorensen, Miss L. M.
Spite, Mr. F. W.
Spite, Mrs.
Starkie, Mrs. J.
Stephen, Mr. J.
Stephen, Mrs.
Stewart, Mr. L.
Stewart, Mrs.
Stott, Miss M.
Symons, Mr. W.
Symons, Mrs.

Tavernor, Mr. F.
Taylor, Mr. D. J.
Taylor, Mrs.
Terry, Mrs. E. A.
Thompson, Mrs. D. M.
Thompson, Miss T. M.
Tighe, Miss A. T.
Tolley, Mr. G. B.
Tolley, Mrs.
Tolley, Master M. B.
Tolley, Master R. W.
Turner, Mr. J. N. R.
Tyler, Dr. W. P. N.
Tyler, Mrs.
Tyler, Master A. J.
Tyler, Master E. W.

Usher, Mr. G. G.
Usher, Mrs.

Van Wijk, Miss N. A.

Walmsley, Mr. P. S.
Walmsley, Mrs.
Walmsley, Miss L.
Walmsley, Miss C.
Waterman, Mrs. J. E.
Watson, Miss J. H.
Williams, Mrs. M. F.
Williams, Mr. P. W. R.
Williams, Mrs.
Wilson, Miss C. M.
Wood, Mr. R.
Workman, Miss J. F.
Wright, Mr. G. F.
Wright, Mrs.
Wynne, Miss J. M.

Yule, Mr. J. A.


Thank you to Sylvia Wredden who sent me the following additional passenger names that I did not have access to:

New Zealand/Panama

Best, Mrs. L. A.
Le Marquand, Mr. P. L.


New Zealand/Kingston

Scott, Mrs.


New Zealand/Port Everglades

Armitage, Master P. H.
Armitage, Miss L. J.
Armitage, Master S. J.
Armitage, Miss S. J.

Callagher, Mr. J. F.
Cartwright, Mr. W. D.
Coleman, Mr. K. S.
Coleman, Mrs.

Day, Mr. I. J.

Elliott, Mr. E. J.
Elliott, Mrs.

Fletcher, Mrs. I. P.
Frock, Mr. G. L.
Frock, Mrs.
Frock, Master J. W.
Frock, Miss J. L.

Humphreys, Mr.

Lawrence, Mrs. M. F.

McDonald, Miss R. C.

Nash, Mrs. P. M.
Nisbet, Mrs. F. M.

O’Neill, Mrs. A.
O’Neill, Miss M. T.

Pierce, Mr. L. J.

Randrup, Mrs. T. H.


New Zealand/Bermuda

Whillans, Mr. D.
Whillans, Mrs.


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