1960 – 1st July – Rangitata

From London, UK to Wellington, New Zealand via Madeira, Curaçao and Panama Canal


Called at Pitcairn on 26th July (Pitcairn Island as a Port of Call by Herbert Ford)


Rangitaka-1-Jul-1960---TitlePageRANGITATA CREW

Commander: A. Hocken
Chief Officer: R. B. Hood
Second Officer: C. J. Highfield
Third Officer: M. Eglon
Supy. Third Officer: J. H. Stacey
Fourth Officer: R. M. Mair
Surgeon: R. J. C. Walkey, M.B., B.S.
Nursing Sister: S. Bishop, S.R.N., S.C.M.
First Radio Officer: J. Skirrow
Second Radio Officer: P. Dickson
Chief Engineer: A. V. Heighton
Second Engineer: R. Hay
Third Engineer: B. Henderson
Fourth Engineer: R. Parkes
First Refrig. Eng.: J. S. Cameron
First Elect. Eng.: J. Burton
Purser: T. D. Pearce
Chief Steward: G. J. Davy
Asst. Purser: E. T. Morgan

Rangitaka-1-Jul-1960---CoverLIST OF PASSENGERS

First Class

Armitage, Mrs. J. B.
Armitage, Miss E.
Armitage, Master C. N.

Beere, Miss V.
Bennett, Mr. H. G.
Blythe, Dr. C. A., Ph.D.
Blyth, Mrs.
Blyth, Master D. J.
Blyth, Miss F. L.
Bolt, Mr. F. B. C.
Borthwick, Mr. E. S.
Borthwick, Mrs.
Borthwick, Miss B. J.
Borthwick, Miss J. M.
Bosomworth, Mr. E. G.
Bosomworth, Mrs.
Bryon, Lt.-Comdr. J. E., R.N.V.R. (Retd.)
Bryon, Mrs.

Campion, Mr. D. F. N.
Campion, Mrs.
Cathcart, Mr. G.
Cathcart, Mrs.
Cathcart, Master T. I.
Charles, Mr. F.
Charles, Mrs.
Charles, Master P. D.
Charles, Master S. J.
Charles, Miss P. F.
Clarke, Mr. L.
Clarke, Mrs.
Craddock, Mr. G. J.
Crawford, Mr. R. J.
Crawford, Mr. J. G.
Crooks, Miss A. H.

Rangitaka-1-Jul-1960---ShipPhotoDangerfield, Mrs. D. E.
Dangerfield, Miss D. A.
Darby, Dr. G. K.
Darby, Mrs.
Davis, Miss M. E.
Denne, Miss M. P.
Douglas, Mr. R. O.
Dunn, Mr. A. E.
Dunn, Mrs.
Dunn, Miss D. M.
Dunn, Mr. R. A.
Dunn, Master R. J.

Fair, Mr. W. G. R.
Fair, Mrs.
Fligg, Cmd. H. W. B., R.N., Retd.
Forsyth, Mr. A.

Gillespie, Cdr. R. W. P., R.N.
Gillespie, Mrs.
Gillespie, Miss P. J.
Gillespie, Master J. R.
Glanville, Mrs. K. E.
Glanville, Master R. C.

Howard, Mrs. F. M.

Kennedy, Miss E. M.
Knowles, Dr. H. E.
Knowles, Mrs.
Knowles, Miss E. A.
Knowles, Master E. G.
Knowles, Master A. M.
Knowles, Mr. M. W.
Knowles, Mrs.
Knowles, Master T.

Lackey, Mr. K. A.
Logan, Miss S. D.

Mathot, Mme. H. J.
Merritt, Mrs. E.
Merritt, Miss S. S.
McCourt, Mrs. R. B.
McLean, Mr. J. S.
McLean, Mrs.
McLean, Miss G. S.
McLean, Miss J. C.

Newman, Miss J. A., M.C.S.P., M.C.P.A.

Parnell, Mr. W.
Parnell, Mrs.
Parnell, Miss S. S.
Pengelly, Mr. R. J.
Pengelly, Mrs.
Pengelly, Miss M. R.
Prior, Mr. W. S.

Richards, Mr. W. E.
Richards, Mrs.
Richards, Master M. A.
Richardson, Capt. D. C.
Richardson, Mrs.
Richardson, Master C. P.
Rogers, Mr. D. F.
Rogers, Mrs.
Rogers, Miss G. F.
Rogers, Miss M. P. F.
Rose, Mrs. E.
Rosenau, Mr. K.
Rushbrook, Mr. A. C.
Rushbrook, Mrs.
Ryan, Miss C. A.
Ryan, Miss J. M.

Selby, Mr. F. G.
Selby, Mrs.
Sibbald, Mr. C.
Sibbald, Mr. F. S.
Silvester, Mrs. E. R.
Simmons, Mr. J. S.
Smedley, Mrs. A. B.
Smedley, Master R.
Smith, Mrs. E. M.
Smith, Mrs. D. M.
Stopford-Taylor, Mrs. E.

Thomas, Miss A. G.
Thompson, Mrs. E. A.

Wanless, Miss M. L.
Watt, Mrs. J. L.
Watt, Mr. D. S.
Watt, Mrs.
Watt, Miss M. A. W.
Watt, Miss C. M. E.
Wells, Mr. T. U.
Wells, Mrs.
Wells, Master A. U.
Wells, Master T. U.
Willmer, Mr. R. O.
Willmer, Mrs.
Willmer, Master T. R. A.
Willmer, Miss R. A.
Witton, Mrs. L. E.
To Panama

Franco, Mrs. B.
Franco, Master J.
Franco, Master R.

Tollinton, Mr. R. R. B., C.B.E.
Tollinton, Mrs.
From Panama

Devos, Miss
Kay, Capt. D. M.
Tourist Class

Aitchison, Mr. D.
Aldersley, Mr. I. F.
Aldersley, Mrs.
Ashe, Mr. A. J.
Ashe, Mrs.
Ashe, Master S. W.
Ashworth, Miss P.
Assen, Mr. G. A.

Barker, Mrs. J.
Barton, Mrs. D. A. M.
Barton, Mr. M. M.
Baxter, Mrs. S.
Beall, Mrs. M.
Bedford, Mr. J. P.
Bethune, Miss L. R.
Bingham, Mr. R.
Bird, Mr. G.
Black, Mrs. G. M.
Bohan, Mrs. M.
Bongiovanni, Mr. J. B.
Bongiovanni, Mrs.
Bongiovanni, Master J. J.
Bongiovanni, Master H. M.
Bowker, Mr. J. W.
Bowker, Mrs.
Bowker, Miss A. M.
Bowker, Master M. B.
Bridger, Mr. D. J.
Bridger, Mrs.
Brown, Mr. M. J.
Brown, Mrs.
Burns, Miss M. V.
Burtonshaw, Miss C. M.

Calder, Mrs. M.
Cardno, Mr. R. C.
Cardno, Mr. A. S.
Casey, Mrs. D. J.
Casey, Miss N. M.
Casey, Master A. J.
Caudwell, Mr. G. H.
Clapcott, Mr. A. E.
Clark, Mrs. E.
Clark, Miss M.
Cole, Mr. R. C.
Cook, Miss N. A.
Corness, Mrs. H.
Coupe, Mr. W.
Coupe, Mrs.
Craig, Mrs. K.
Craig, Miss I. E.
Creed, Mrs. L. C.
Creed, Miss S. B.
Cunningham, Mr. T. B.
Cunningham, Mrs.
Currie, Mr. W. S.
Currie, Mrs.

Davenhill, Mr. H. J.
Davenhill, Mrs.
Davenhill, Miss S. B.
Davenhill, Mr. R. J. S.
Davis, Mrs. C. E.
Dennison, Mr. G. N.
Devlin, Mrs. A.
Devlin, Master B. O.
Dickson, Mr. J.
Dickson, Mrs.
Dickson, Miss L.
Doble, Mrs. O. U.
Doherty, Mrs. F. N. A.
Doran, Mr. A. B.
Doran, Mrs.
Dormer, Mrs. A.
Drakeford, Mrs. D.
Drew, Mr. J. H.
Drysdall, Mr. D. L.
Duncan, Mr. A. McK.
Duncan, Mrs.

Elsmore, Mr. G. R.
Evanson, Mr. B. G.
Evanson, Mrs.

Fagg, Mr. J. S.
Fearby, Miss E.
Fenwick, Mrs. C.
Ferguson, Miss S. McA.
Finn, Miss V. M.
Fisher, Miss V. P.
Fraser, Mrs. J. B.

Game, Mr. H.
Gandy, Miss M. E. H.
Gould, Mr. L. V.
Gouldstone, Miss A. M. M.
Green, Miss J.
Greene-Kelly, Miss G. V. G.

Haigh, Mr. A.
Haigh, Mrs.
Halligan, Mr. T.
Hamilton, Mrs. H. H.
Harding, Mrs. O. I.
Hedley, Mr. T.
Hemming, Mr. F. W.
Hemming, Mrs.
Hemming, Mr. G. F.
Hemming, Master B. M.
Henley, Mr. A. M. R.
Henley, Mrs.
Henley, Master G. R.
Henley, Master P. R.
Hill, Mrs. A. R.
Hobden, Mr. C. E.
Hobden, Mrs.
Hobden, Master S. J.
Hoff, Miss P. J.
Holden, Mrs. D.
Holden, Miss G. C.
Holden, Miss J. E.
Holden, Miss P. L.
Holmes, Mr. P. G.
Holmes, Mrs.
Holmes, Miss J. R.
Hopkinson, Mr. F.
Hopkinson, Mrs.
Howarth, Mr. D. A.
Hughes, Mr. G. J.
Hughes, Mrs.
Hughes, Master G. L.
Hughes, Miss P. L.
Hughes, Miss L. S.
Hulleman, Mr. J.
Hunt, Mr. M. D.

Imison, Mr. K. E.

Jennion, Mrs. E.
Jennion, Miss P.
Jennion, Miss S.
Johnston, Mr. R.
Jones, Mrs. M. H.
Jones, Mr. P. D.

Keep, Miss F. E.
Keighley, Mr. A.
Keighley, Mrs.
Keighley, Mr. B.
Kellow, Mr. G.
Kennedy, Miss J. C.
Kille, Miss P. R. M.
Kopse, Mr. F.
Kristensen, Mr. N.

Leppingwell, Mr. K. H.
Leppingwell, Mrs.
Lilley, Mr. A. L. W.
Lingwood, Miss J. M.
Lloyd, Mr. J.
Lourie, Mr. A.
Lumsden, Mr. C.

MacDonald, Mrs. A.
MacDonald, Mr. J.
MacDonald, Mrs.
Madden, Mr. M. J.
Madden, Master K.
Madden, Master S.
Madden, Mr. W.
Madden, Mrs.
Manley, Miss J. H.
Marshall, Mrs. B. Y.
Mason, Mr. R. F.
Mason, Mrs.
Mason, Miss S.
Matthewson, Miss Y. L.
Meggison, Mrs. M. E.
Morton, Mr. W. A.
Morton, Mrs.
Mulligan, Mr. D.
Murphy, Mrs H.
McAtee, Mr. G.
McCrorey, Mr. D.
McDonald, Mr. T.
McDonald, Mrs.
McDonald, Mr. C.
McFalls, Mr. D.
McFalls, Mrs.
McIntyre, Miss A. McR.
McKubre, Mr. A. T.
McMahon, Mrs. M. M.
McMahon, Mr. P. H.

Newell, Mrs. E.
Newell, Master D. G.

O’Farrell, Mrs. J. M.
Okolow, Mr. K.
Oram, Mr. T.
Oram, Mrs.

Parke, Mr. C. J.
Parke, Mrs.
Peacock, Mr. M.
Plowright, Mr. R. G.
Plowright, Mrs.
Plowright, Master I. K.
Poczwa, Mr. G. P. P.
Pringle, Mr. R.

Read, Mr. D.
Read, Mrs.
Redpath, Mr. S. J. H.
Redpath, Mrs.
Redpath, Master R.
Redpath, Master S. J.
Redpath, Miss G.
Reid, Miss P. J.
Rendell, Miss A. E.
Reynolds, Miss S.
Richardson, Mr. W.
Richardson, Mrs.
Robinson, Miss M.
Robson, Mr. H. C.
Roper, Mrs. M.
Rowson, Miss P. E. E.

Sansbury, Mr. D. A.
Sayers, Miss R. B.
Scott, Mr. A. T.
Scott, Mrs.
Scott, Mr. T. H.
Scott, Mrs.
Selby, Mr. M. J.
Sellens, Miss E.
Sharon, Mr. K. I. C.
Sharp, Mr. J.
Sharp, Mrs.
Sharp, Mr. G.
Shipman, Miss B. J.
Simpson, Mr. N. F.
Skinner, Mrs. I.
Slater, Mrs. H.
Slater, Mrs. M.
Slater, Miss C.
Smith, Mrs. R.
Smith, Miss R. M.
Smith, Miss Y.
Sparks, Mr. L. T.
Sparks, Mrs.
Spraggins, Miss S. A.
Steele, Mr. M. W.
Stokoe, Mrs. A. I.
Stott, Mr. A. N.
Summers, Mrs. E.
Swain, Mr. J. A.

Thacker, Miss J. M.
Thirtle, Miss A. E.
Thompson, Mr. W. R.
Thornton, Mr. J. W.
Thornton, Mrs.
Tompkins, Mr. P. J.
Tompkins, Mrs.
Tompkins, Miss K. J.
Townsend, Mrs. J. E. M.
Tudor, Mr. J. E.
Tudor, Mrs.

Van Baarle, Mrs. C. E. L.
Van Baarle, Mrs. C.
Van Baarle, Master W. A.
Van Baarle, Master J. C.
Vondy, Miss A. L.

Wakenshaw, Mr. R. G.
Wakenshaw, Mrs.
Wakenshaw, Mr. D.
Wakenshaw, Master J.
Watson, Mrs. V. M.
Watson, Master M. J.
Watson, Miss P. D.
Watson, Master J. R.
Watson, Mr. W. B.
Watson, Mrs.
Watson, Miss E. J.
Watson, Master D. B.
Watson, Master M. R.
Webster, Mrs. J.
Webster, Master M. A.
Webster, Miss J. L.
Weller, Mrs. E.
Wells, Mr. B.
Wells, Mrs.
Wilkinson, Mrs. M. W.
Wilkinson, Miss S. J.
Williams, Mr. A. E.
Williams, Mrs.
Williams, Master S. B.
Williams, Miss S. J.
Wiseman, Miss C. S.
Wood, Mrs. A. M.
Wood, Mr. J. G. B.
Woodward, Mr. G. H.
Wright, Miss M.

Young, Mr. S. G.
Young, Mrs.
Young, Master J. B.

Kay, Capt. D. M.
Shaw, Mr. J.
Panama/New Zealand

Wakelin, The Rev. A. J.
Wakelin, Mrs.


The following names were listed in an Errata slip, issued with the printed passenger list, marked as to be deleted. They originally appeared under ‘Tourist Class’, but I presume that they did not travel so I have removed their names from the above listing. There were also some corrections to the printed list, and those have now been corrected on my list.

Campbell, Mrs. E.
Lubbock, Mrs. M. I.