1960 – 13th January – Ruahine

From Wellington, New Zealand to Southampton, UK via Tahiti, Panama Canal and Curaçao


Back row, standing:

M. J. H. Hawkins, Fourth Officer
J. N. Barr, Supy. Third Officer
A. L. R. McNeill, Third Officer
J. Bankhead, Fourth Engineer
J. Logan, Third Engineer
G. A. Parker, First Radio Officer
G. F. F. MacKenzie, First Elec. Engineer
H. A. McKenzie, First Refrig. Eng
D. B. Soulsby, Chief Steward
Miss J. Trill S.R.N., Nursing Sister

Front row, seated:

R. P. Muckleston, Purser
R. C. Anderson, Second Officer
A. B. Stalker, Chief Officer
Captain N. A. Thomas, Commander
G. J. Clark, Chief Engineer
F. T. Luckham R.N.R., Second Engineer
C. A. Barrett, M.B., Ch.B., Surgeon

Not in photograph:

J. A. Skirrow, Second Radio Officer
R. A. Dixon, Asst. Purser


Ruahine-13_1_60-Title-pageLIST OF PASSENGERS

Abbey, Mr. F. W.
Abbey, Mrs.
Aitken, Mr. T. B.
Aitken, Mrs.
Anderson, Miss B. M.
Attwood, Miss M. J.
Avery, Mrs. D. A.

Ballance, Miss V.
Bartlett, Mr. C. P.
Bartlett, Mrs.
Beaumont, Mr. J.
Beaumont, Mrs.

Carnegie, Mr. K. J.
Carnegie, Mrs.
Carnegie, Master K. L.
Carnegie, Master A. J.
Carnegie, Miss E. J.
Cass, Miss E.
Chambers, Mrs. A.
Christie, Mr. L. C. S. C.
Christie, Mrs.
Clarke, Miss E. M.
Coad, Mr. O. E.
Cockell, Miss M. W. W.
Connell, Mr. G. C.
Connell, Mrs.
Connolly, Mr. J. J.
Cooke, Mrs. E. H.
Corr, Miss A.
Corr, Mr. R.
Couchman, Mr. L. A.
Couchman, Mrs.
Coulter, Mr. F. W.
Crompton, Mr. L. L.
Crompton, Master R. P. K.
Cullen, Mrs. J. I.
Currie, Mr. F. H. R.
Currie, Mrs.
Curry, Miss J. C.

RMS-Ruahine-1960Daniell, Mr. B. G.
Daniell, Mrs.
Denning, Mrs. I.
Doleman, Mrs. A.
Doleman, Mr. F. J.
Dorizac, Mrs. V. M.

Edwards, Miss J. A.
Edye, Mrs. J.
Edye, Miss E.
Edye Master D. W. M.
Edye, Master B. M.
Ellison, Miss P. G.

Farmer, Mr. J. L.
Farmer, Mrs.
Faulkner, Mrs. V. H.
Faulkner, Miss P. A.
Finch, Miss J. M. A
Fitzwilliam, Mr. A. C.
Fitzwilliam, Mrs.
Flynn, Mrs. D. E.
Forbes, Mr. A.
Forbes, Mrs.
Forbes, Miss J.
Fraser, Mr. J. C.
Fraser, Mrs.

Gaites, Mrs. M. A.
Gaites, Miss B. A.
Gard’ner, Mrs. N. D.
Glover, Miss B. M.
Goffin, Mr. B. S.
Good, Miss M.
Grace, Mrs. P. K.
Graham, Mr. J. I.
Graham, Mrs.
Griffiths, Miss W. C.

Hallam, Mr. F. T.
Hatchard, Miss J. M.
Heath, Miss M. G.
Higgins, Mr J.
Higgins, Mrs.
Higgins, Miss E. M.
Hilton, Mr. C. H.
Hilton, Mrs.
Hudson, Miss R. V.

James, Miss E. N.
Johnstone, Miss H. J.
Jones, Mrs. M. E.
Jones, Mr. W. R. J.

Kent, Miss B. J.
Kerrigan, Miss C. D.
Kibble, Miss F. E.
Knowles, Dr. H. E.
Knowles, Mrs.
Knowles, Miss E. A.
Knowles, Master E. G.
Knowles, Master A. M.

Langlands, Mr. A. C.
Langlands, Mrs.
Lightfoot, Mrs. M. J.
Lightfoot, Master A. W.
Lightfoot, Miss N. A.
Little, Mrs. I. G
Little, Miss J. C.
Loft, Mr. H. C.
Loft, Mrs.
Lovegrove, Miss R.

Mcalister, Mrs. I. G.
Mcbeath, Mrs. F. M.
Mccrimmon, Mr. I.
Mccrimmon, Mrs.
Mccrimmon, Miss F. M.
Mcgill, Mr. T. D.
Mcgill, Mrs.
Mcgowan, Mrs. E. F.
Mcgowan, Miss M. A.
Mcgrath, Mr. D. J.
Mcgregor, Miss J. E.
Mckane, Mr. M. J.
Mckegg, Mrs. M. P.
Mckegg, Miss C. N.
Mclaughlin, Mrs. M. A.
Maclean, Miss E. S.
Mclean, Miss M. E.
Macphail, Mr. R. M.
Macphail, Mrs.
Mason, Miss L. M.
Matthews, Miss M. R.
Mecrate, Mr. R. J.
Merritt, Mr. R. A.
Merritt, Mrs.
Merritt, Miss J. E.
Merritt, Master R. J.
Merritt, Miss A. M.
Milsom, Mr. G. S.
Milsom, Mrs.
Milsom, Mr. W. H.
Milsom, Mrs.
Milsom, Master R. A.
Monk, Miss C. C. J.
Mooney, Miss O. A.

Narayan, Mr. J.

Parsons, Mr. C.
Payne, Mr. C. W.
Payne, Mrs.
Peterson, Miss G. J.
Poole, Mr. A. L.
Poole, Mrs.
Poole, Master M. L.
Poole, Miss J.
Powell, Miss M.
Priscott, Mrs. P. E.
Priscott, Master D. J.
Priscott, Miss J. M.

Quail, Miss G. E.

Rennie, Miss J. G.
Rhodes, Miss M. E. P.
Richards, Mrs. G. E.
Rolls, Miss M. B.

Salisbury, Mr. G. C.
Salisbury, Mrs.
Salmon, Mrs. J. B.
Salmon, Master M. C.
Shepherd, Mrs. N.
Shirley, Miss P. A.
Simpson, Mr. W. E.
Simpson, Mrs.
Sinclair, Mrs. F. G.
Smith, Miss J. M.
Smyth, Miss D. M.
Stacey, Mr. E. J. H.
Stacey, Mrs.
Stacey, Master C. L. H.
Stacey, Miss V. C.
Stafford, Miss B. A.
Stansfield, Mr. R. H. J.
Stansfield, Mrs.
Stansfield, Miss P. A.
Stedman, Mr. G.
Stedman, Mrs.
Stephens, Miss M. A.
Stewart, Miss J. E. M.

Tautz, Dr. K.
Thomas, Mr. W. W.
Thomas, Mrs.
Turner, Miss L. R.
Tyrer, Mrs. J.

Van Enckevort, Rev. Father P. M.
Voisin, Mrs. F. M.

Waite, Mrs. L. M. B.
Watkins, Mr. J. E.
Watkins, Mrs.
Wilson, Mrs. R.
Williamson, Mrs. L.
Wood, Mr. R. D.
Wood, Mrs. A.
Woodley, Miss A. M.
Woodward, Miss B. M.
Warren, Mrs. J. Leb.
Warren, Master G. J.
Warren, Master, D. J.



Warren, Prof. J. LeB.



Allenby, Mr. J. L.
Hogg. Mr. R.
Hogg, Mrs.
Momsen, Miss M. J.
Reeves, Mrs. E.
Sejr, Mr. F. H.
Thomas, Master K. S.



Sexton, Mr. M. D.



McKegg, Mrs. M.
McKegg, Miss C.

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