1957 – 10th April – Rangitata

The crew of the Rangitata from the printed Passenger List

Back row standing: I. C. S. Rankin (4th Officer); P. A. Plumley (Supy. 3rd Officer); N. G. Niblock (3rd Officer); R. L. Warren (4th Engineer); D. A. F. Pulley (3rd Engineer); W. F. Shepherd (1st Radio Officer); J. H. Gaskell (1st Electn.); D. R. Neale (1st Ref. Eng.); T. A. Dumbell (Chief Steward).

Front row seated: E. Swift, M.B.E. (Purser); K. W. Mayhew (2nd Officer); R. B. C. Brown (Chief Officer); Commander Captain H. R. M. Smith; A. A. Christian (Chief Engineer); J. M. Stoves (2nd Engineer).

From Wellington, New Zealand to Southampton, UK, via Pitcairn Island, Panama Canal and Curaçao


Commander: H. R. M. Smith
Chief Officer: R. B. C. Brown
Second Officer: K. W. Mayhew
Third Officer: N. G. Niblock
Supy, Third Officer: P. A. Plumley
Fourth Officer: I. C. S. Rankin
Surgeon: P. Hinds, M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
Nursing Sister: H. Foster, S.R.N.
First Radio Officer: W. F. Shepherd
Second Radio Officer: W. G. Thomas
Chief Engineer: A. A. Christian
Second Engineer: J. M. Stoves
Third Engineer: D. A. F. Pulley
Fourth Engineer: R. L. Warren
First Refrig. Eng.: D. R. Neale
First Elect. Eng.: J. H. Gaskell
Purser: E. Swift, M.B.E.
Chief Steward: T. A. Dumbell
Asst. Purser: D. J. Scott


Adolfsson, Miss E.
Amyes, Mr. G. B.
Ashby, Mr. R. J.
Ashby, Mrs.

Baird, Mr. B. A.
Barton, Mr. R. N.
Birt, Major V. S.
Birt, Mrs.
Broadhurst, Mr. A. F. B.
Burke, Mr. J.

Caccia-Birch, Mr. W. J.
Clinch, Dr. J. A.
Corby, Mr. J. R.
Corby, Mrs.
Coulter, Mr. W.
Coveney, Mr. T. G.
Cross, Mr. C. P.

Durey, Mr. L. S.
Durey, Mrs.
Dwan, Mr. L. T.
Dwan, Mrs.
Dwan, Miss D. A.

Flint, Miss I. E. J.

Gibbons, Miss E. M.
Gresson, Lieut. J. D., R.N.Z.N.
Gresson, Mrs.
Gresson, Miss J. L.
Gresson, Miss B. S.

Hacche, Mr. B. B.
Hacche, Mrs.
Hannam, Mrs. J. D.
Hart, Miss V. J.
Hayes, Mrs. S. M.
Hetherington, Dr. O. S.
Holden, Lady
Hyde, Mrs. J. A.

Johnson, Mr. E. C.
Johnson, Mrs.
Johnson, Mr. A. M.

Laing, Mr. T.
Laing, Mrs.
Laurenson, Mr. M. – NOTE: This name was crossed out by hand in the printed passenger listing
Littlejohn, Mr. F. W.
Littlejohn, Mrs.
Littlejohn, Master J. F.
Littlejohn, Master D. G.

McIntyre, Mr. D. R.
McIntyre, Mrs.
Mattiott, Mr. S. G.
Marriott, Mrs.
Marriott, Master P. C.
Marriott, Master D. C.
Meek, Mrs. D. E. S. – NOTE: This name was overprinted in the printed passenger listing as a late addition into a space between surnames starting with “M” and those starting with “N”
Millward, Mr. E. A.
Millward, Mrs.
Morris, Mr. C. S.
Morris, Mrs.
Murray, Mr. A. S.
Murray, Mrs.

Noble, Miss H. C.
Norman, Mr. E. G.
Norman, Mrs.
Norman, Miss S. M.

Parker, Mr. T.
Parker, Mrs.

Read, Mr. K. A. H.
Read, Mrs.
Read, Master J. K. H.
Read, Miss D. M.
Redfern, Miss E.
Redfern, Mr. J. H.
Redfern, Mrs.
Relling, Mrs. J.
Relling, Master M. T.
Relling, Miss L. H.
Russell, Miss M.

Scoones, Gen. Sir Geoffry, K.C.B., K.B.E., C.S.I., D.S.O., M.C. (Link to Wikipedia page)
Scoones, Lady
Secker, Major V. H.
Secker, Mrs.
Smith, Mr. J. B.
Smith, Mrs.
Smith, Miss J. E.
Smith, Miss M. I.
Smith, Brig. J. M. C.B.E.
Somerfield, Mrs. M.
Stephens, Brig. J. W., D.S.O.
Stephens, Mrs.
Swann, Mr. G., J.P.
Swann, Mrs.

Taylor, Mr. E. W.
Treacy, Miss V. M.
Tubman, Mrs. S. J.
Turpie, Mr. F. E.

Van Dugteren, Mr. H.
Voyce, Mr. G. H.

Wallace, Mr. A. J.
Wallace, Mrs.
Wallace, Master A. D. M.
Walsh, Dr. J. P.
Walsh, Mrs.
Wendt, Miss L. M. K.
Willoughby, Mr. H. J., B.E.M.
Willoughby, Mrs.
Wilson, Mrs. W. A.
Wingfield, Miss E. M.
Wylie, Miss M. S.
Wylie, Mr. P. W.


Richards, Mrs. E. V.


Husslage, Mrs. N. A.
Husslage, Master D.
Husslage, Master L.

Marriott, Mr. S. J.
Marriott, Mrs.


Stone, Mr. S. L.
Stone, Mrs.


Adams, Mrs. J.
Adcock, Mr. H. B.
Adcock, Mrs.
Addis, Miss J. A.
Alldersea, Mr. A. J.
Anderson, Mr. L.
Andrew, Mrs. R. A.
Anton, Mr. D. M.
Armstrong, Miss F. A.
Auld, Mr. A.

Shore card for Miss J. A. Addiss which was tucked inside the printed passenger listing. Actual size is 7cm by 11cm approx.

Baker, Mrs. N. E.
Baker, Master R. E.
Baker, Miss A. E. J.
Baker, Mrs. M.
Baker, Miss J. R.
Barker, Mr. G. A.
Bayley, Mrs. K.
Berwick, Mrs. M. J.
Bilclouch, Mr. T.
Black, Miss M.
Blair, Mr. D.
Blokhuizen, Mr. G. H.
Bremner, Mrs. K. E.
Bremner, Master, J. W. A.
Broadley, Mr. G. L.
Broadley, Mrs.
Broadley, Miss H. J.
Brooks, Mr. H. I.
Brough, Mr. J.
Brown, Mr. R. H.
Brown, Mrs.
Brown, Miss P. C.
Brown, Master, R. H.
Bulmer, Miss H.
Bulmer, Miss M.

Calder, Mrs. C.
Calder, Mr. R.
Card, Miss J. M.
Carruthers, Mr. D. R.
Chamberlen, Rev. L. G.
Chamberlen, Mrs.
Chamberlen, Miss A. J.
Champion, Mr. W. D.
Champion, Mrs.
Chittock, Mr. F. C. J.
Chittock, Mrs.
Cockburn, Miss J. J.
Colclough, Mr. E. E.
Coleman, Miss C. M.
Connor, Mrs. D.
Connor, Miss G. R.
Crosby, Mr. M. N.

Dannenburg, Mrs. J.
Davies, Mr. I.
Dawson, App. P. B.
Denton, Mr. P. J.
de Norville, Miss M. L.
de Ruyter, Mr. S. J. P.
de Ville, Miss R. J. M.
de Wilde, Mr. E.
Dickason, Mr. R.
Dickason, Mrs.
Dickinson, Mr. C.
Dodson, Mr. L. R.
Drummond, Mrs. I.
Duder, Mrs. V. V.
Dyer, Mr. E. J.
Dynes, Miss P.

Ennis, Mr. J. P.
Evans, Mr. R.

Farley, Mr. J. P.
Federico, Mr. A.
Federico, Mrs.
Federico, Master J. C.
Feely, Mr. J. A.
Feely, Mrs.
Fitzgibbons, Mr. A. E.
Fitzgibbons, Mrs.
Fitzgibbons, Master J. D.
Fitzgibbons, Master G. B.
Fleming, Mrs. A. F.
Forbes, Mr. W. N. P. H.
Forbes, Mrs.

Gardner, App. G. E. F.
Gibb, Mr. A. N.
Glover, Miss M. D.
Greig, Mrs. A. A.
Griffin, Mrs. D.
Groen, Mr. G.

Hamer, Mr. D.
Hamill, Mrs. M. J.
Hamilton, Miss M. A.
Hargreaves, Mrs. M.
Hern, Mrs. L.
Hinton Miss J. M.
Holloway, Mr. W. A.
Holt, Mr. J. E.
Holt, Mrs.
Holt, Mr. J.
Honders, Mr. B. A.
Honders, Mrs.
Honders, Master G. H.
Horslin, Mr. F. S.
Huddart, Mrs. G. V.
Huddleston, Mr. J.
Huddleston, Mrs.
Humphris, Miss A. D.
Hunt, Mrs. A.
Hunt, Mrs. E. J.
Hunter, Miss M. E. N.
Huthnance, Mr. H. F.

Irwin, Master G. R.

Jack, Mrs. A. J.
Jack, Mrs. W
Jack, Miss C. V.
Jackson, Miss M. C.
Jackson, Mrs. F. (?) – NOTE: This name was overprinted in the printed passenger listing as a late addition into a space between surnames starting with “I” and those starting with “J”, and is rather feint ink
Jenkinson, Mr. A.
Jenkinson, Mrs.
Johnston, Miss E. B.
Johnston, Mr. T.
Jones, Mr. J.

Keating, Mr. H. A. (?) – NOTE: This name was overprinted in the printed passenger listing as a late addition into a space between surnames starting with “K” and those starting with “L”, and is rather feint ink
Kedzlie, Miss V. I.
Kidd, Mrs. J. R.
Kirk, Mrs. I.
Kommeren, Mr. A. L.
Kok, Mr. P. H.
Kok, Mrs.
Kortekaas, Mr. P. T.
Krijnen, Mr. D. M. P.
Krijnen, Mrs.
Kuik, Mr. D.

Lanigan, Mr. L. W.
Lanigan, Mrs.
Liddle, Mrs. A.
Linden-Hemming, Mrs. A. M.
Lister, Mrs. L. A.
Long, Mrs. O.

McCaffrey, Miss M.
McCloskey, Mr. E. D.
McCool, Mrs. J.
McCormack, Mr. E.
McCullough, App. D. E.
MacDonald, Mrs. I. E.
Macdonald, Mr. W.
MacDougall, Mrs. G.
McGowan, Mrs. C.
Mainland, Miss G. R.
Medland, Mr. F. A.
Melbourne, Miss L. A.
Melis, Mr. L. J.
Meredith, Miss J. A.
Meulenbroek, Mr. H. J.
Mitchell, Miss R. L.
Mooney, Miss M.
Morgan, Mr. W. E.
Morgan, Mrs.
Moylan, Miss K.
Mulholland, Mr. B.
Mulligan, Mr. D. G.
Murdoch, Mr. F. W. J.
Murphy, Mr. D.
Murray, Mr. J. F.
Murray, Mrs. M.

Nathan, Mr. E. D.
Nathan, Mrs.
Nathan, Master A.
Nathan, Master M. R.
Nathan, Master E. V.
Neal, Mr. P. G.
Neary, Mr. A. J.
Neary, Mrs.
Neary, Miss C. M.
Neary, Master M. A.
Neary, Miss A. A.
Neary, Miss J. P. M.
Neill, Miss J. H.
Nemes, Mr. J.
Nicholas, Mrs. A. M.
Noble, Miss O. M.

Orr, Miss J. E.
Otten, Mr. J. H. P. M.
Otten, Mrs.

Parker, App. R. F.
Paterson, Miss M. I.
Patterson, Miss J. R.
Phillips, Mr. M. J.
Pilcher, Mrs. E. M.
Prebensen, Miss B. A.
Price, Dr. A. C.

Ram, Miss N.
Roberts, Mr. J. H.
Roberts, Mrs.
Robertson, Miss E. A.
Robertson, Mr. J.
Robertson, Mrs.
Robertson, Mr. W.
Robertson, Mrs.
Ronalds, App. I. E.
Rongen, Mr. M. W.
Rongen, Mrs.
Round, Mr. L.
Rowlings, Mr. G. W.
Ryan, App. C. G.

Sadler, Mrs. M. – NOTE: This name has been crossed out by hand in the passenger list
Salisbury, Mr. A.
Schreurs, Mr. J. A.
Schriffer, Miss J. – NOTE: This name has been crossed out by hand in the passenger list
Shelswell, Mr. L. D.
Simkins, Mr. G. W.
Skinner, Mr. W. G.
Skinner, Mrs.
Small, Mr. P.
Smith, Miss B. E.
Smith, Mr. C. N.
Smith, Mr. J. J.
Smith, Mrs.
Speake, Mr. E.
Speake, Mrs.
Spence, Mr. D. S.
Spence, Mr. G.
Spencer, Mrs. B. D. M.
Steeghs, Mr. G. P. H.
Stewart, Mr. J.
Stewart, Mrs.
Struyk, Mr. H. T. W.
Stuart, Mr. H. I. C.
Stuart, Mrs.
Stuart, Miss R. A.
Styche, Mr. B. L.
Sugden, Mr. W. J.
Sugden, Mrs.
Sutton, Mrs. D.
Sutton, Miss L. D. T.

Tallintire, Mr. T.
Tallintire, Mrs.
Taylor, Mrs. J.
Taylor, Master J.
Thompson, Mr. J. I.
Thompson, Mrs.
Thompson, Master I. T.
Thompson, Master H.
Tilt, Mr. R. D.
Torkington, Mrs. W.
Torkington, Master D.
Torkington, Miss H.
Trott, Mrs. C. A.
Turner, Mr. N. J.
Turner, Mrs.
Turner, Miss P. E.
Turner, Master R. J.

Van der Sluis, Mr. H.
Van Gerven, Miss H. C.
Van Woerkom, Mrs. M.
Van Woerkom, Miss M.
Van Woerkom, Miss J.
Van Zijl, Mr. A. J.
Van Zijl, Mrs.
Verhoeven, Mr. G. G. H.
Verhoeven, Mrs.
Verhoeven, Master H. G.
Villmer, Mrs. M.
Vorley, Mr. D. T.
Vorley, Mrs.

Waelen, Mr. W. J. C.
Walker, Mrs. J. B.
Wallace, Miss P. A.
Walton, Mr. T.
Wardhaugh, Miss J.
Weatherspoon, Mrs. J.
Weatherspoon, Mr. P.
Weatherspoon, Mrs.
Weerdenburg, Mr. J. A. G.
Wells, Mr. B. C. L.
West, Miss D. K.
Westbury, Mrs. R. C.
Wilkinson, Mr. G. J. E.
Wilkinson, Mrs. N.
Williams, Miss M. G.
Williams, Mr. T.
Wilson, Mr. A. E.
Wilson, Mrs. D. A.
Wilson, Master M. H.
Wilson, Mrs. M.

Yates, Mr. R. B.
Yates, Mrs.

These two leaflets were also tucked into the passenger list.