1956 – 13th April – Rangitata

From London, UK, to Auckland, New Zealand, to via Curaçao and Panama Canal


Called at Pitcairn on 9th May (Pitcairn Island as a Port of Call by Herbert Ford): “Magistrate Parkin Christian leaves on this ship for a trip to Norfolk Island, where on June 8 he participates in ceremonies marking 100 years since the Morayshire landed 194 Pitcairners at Norfolk.”

I have received the following information from Herb Ford:

Hi to you David,

I know of a few times when Pitcairners were taken from the Island on the Rangi and other ships (I’m thinking primarily of Shaw Savill & Albion vessels) and were not recorded on the passenger lists – likely because they did not board the vessel at the start of her voyage, but, rather, were simply picked up at Pitcairn in mid-voyage (sometimes with little or no cost involved to the Pitcairner).  On one or two occasions I recall that those picked-up at Pitcairn were housed in the ship’s hospital, perhaps because all cabins were filled, or perhaps because of cost considerations if housed in a cabin.

In this particular case, Parkin  would have had to either gain additional passage from New Zealand to Norfolk (since the ‘tata was bound for Auckland, and never called at Norfolk), or else he would have had to take onward passage to Sydney and then to Norfolk from there.

But what a great guy Parkin was – great in size, great in heart, great in humor – a really wonderful person!

Fair winds,
10th July 2016


Pitcairn Island stamp issue from 2011 showing Parkin Christian


1956-13-Apr-Rangitata-CoverCommander: E. H. Hopkins
Chief Officer: P. A. Ogden, R.N.R.
Second Officer: D. R. Crabtree
Third Officer: N. G. Niblock
Supy. Third Officer: J. A. Hunt
Fourth Officer: W. G. Dick
Surgeon: W. N. Rogers, M.B., CH.B.
Nursing Sister: E. Jones, S.R.N., S.C.M.
First Radio Officer: W. F. Shepherd
Second Radio Officer: D. W. Field
Chief Engineer: J. H. Anderson, Engineer Commodore
Second Engineer: A. A. Stewart
Third Engineer: J. R. Clarke
Fourth Engineer: J. A. Lamb
First Refrig. Engineer: K. G. Ray
First Elect. Engineer: A. Donaldson
Purser: E. Swift, M.B.E.
Chief Steward: T. A. Dumbell
Assistant Purser: R. A. Wilson



First Class

1956-13-Apr-Rangitata-TitlePageAlderton, Cd.C.O., H. M., R.N.Z.N.
Alderton, Mrs.
Alderton, Miss J.
Anderson, Mrs. M. E.
Austen, Mr. C. E.
Austen, Mrs.
Austen, Mr. M. J.
Austen, Miss C. M.

Best, Lieut. J. R.N.
Best, Mrs.
Best, Miss J. E.
Best, Master R. S. M.
Booth, Mrs. E.
Booth, Miss M. K.
Brown, Mr. W.

Calder, Mrs. G. M.
Chapman, Mr. W. R.
Chapman, Mrs.
Chisholm, Wg.Cdr., R. T. (Ret.)
Chisholm, Mrs.
Chisholm, Miss F. J.
Chisholm, Master R.
Cranwell, Mrs. A.

Davis, Lieut. R. G., R.N.
Dawson, Mr. C. S.
Dawson, Mrs.
Dean, Mr. L. S.
Dean, Mrs.
Dean, Miss J. M.
Dean, Miss V. A.
Dean, Miss H. G.
De Freitas, Mrs. R. A.
De Freitas, Miss J. M.
De Freitas, Master M. A.
De Freitas, Miss A. M.
Dexter, Mr. D. E.
Dexter, Mrs.
Dexter, Miss R. P.
Dexter, Miss M. B.
Dore, Mr. F. W. C.
Dore, Mrs.
Dore, Miss V. A.
Dore, Miss C. H.
Drysdale, Mr. A. N.
Drysdale, Mrs.
Drysdale, Miss B. J.
Drysdale, Master A. B.
Drysdale, Master A. R.
Dudgeon, Mrs. D. J.
Dudgeon, Mr. H. E.

Earl, Mr. M. L.

Fortune, Mr. S. H.
Fortune, Mrs.
Frankland, Cd.Eng. D. T. S., R.N.Z.N.
Frankland, Mrs.

Godley, Mr. H.
Guest, Miss K. D.

Haddleton, Sen. Cd. El.O. J., R.N.
Hall, Mr. A. W. M.
Hindle, Mrs. E.
Hubbard, Mrs. S.
Hubbard, Miss I.
Hubbard, Miss J.
Hynd, Mrs. E.

Irons, Mr. J. E.
Irons, Mrs.
Irons, Miss P.
Irons, Mr. L. E.
Irons, Master, C. R.

Jennings, Mrs. M.

Ledwidge, Miss N. R.

Mackie, Miss H. M.
Martin, Mrs. N. L.
Michael, Cd.Eng., G. H. R.N.Z.N.
Michael, Mrs.
Michael, Miss K.
Millar, Mrs. H. S. E.
Mushet, Mrs. M.
Mushet, Miss A.

Northey, Prof. J. F.
Northey, Mrs.
Northey, Master R. J.
Northey, Miss J.
Northey, Master B. M.
Northey, Miss G.

O’Driscoll, Mrs. M. E.
O’Driscoll, Miss L. M.
O’Driscoll, Miss J. B.
O’Leary, Mr. T. D.

Parke, Mr. A. L.
Pritchard, Mr. J. J.

Read, Sg.L. Cr. J. D., R.N.Z.N.
Read, Mrs.
Read, Miss S. J.
Revell, Mrs. F. J.
Rigby, Mrs. B. H.
Rigby, Master P. P. D.
Rossen, Mr. J.
Rossen, Mrs.
Rutherford, Lieut. B. A. M. R.N.

Shedden, Mr. B. F.
Shedden, Mrs.
Smith, Mrs. E.
Staple, Sqn/Ldr. O. D., D.F.C., R.N.Z.A.F.
Staple, Mrs.
Staple, Miss K. A.
Staple, Miss F. M.
Staple, Master D. J.

Taylor, Mr. R.
Thesingh, Mr. H. N.
Thesingh, Mrs.
Todd, Miss L. R.
Toynbee, Mrs. V. M.

Westenra, Mr. A. D.
Wilson, Mr. D. G.
Winters, Miss S. E.
Winters, Miss N.

Zethoven, Mr. J. M.
Zethoven, Mrs.



Steenhuisen, Mr. M. T. G.
Steenhuisen, Mrs.
Steenhuisen, Miss G. M. A.
Steenhuisen, Miss E. J. A.



Moore, Mr. D. M.



Kinsky, Mr. A.
Toynbee, Dr. Arnold
Twentyman, Mr. J. H.
Twentyman, Mrs.
Twentyman, Miss I. E.


1956-13-Apr-Rangitata-ShipTourist Class

Aldhamland, Mr. W. L.
Aldhamland, Mrs.
Aldhamland, Mr. P. L.
Aldhamland, Miss M. J.
Aldhamland, Miss J. D.

Baker, Miss M. M.
Banks, Mr. E.
Barlow, Mr. D.
Barlow, Mrs. I.
Barlow, Master R. C.
Barry, Mr. S. K.
Barry, Mrs.
Barry, Master J. K.
Beattie, Mr. C. A.
Begg, Mr. R. C.
Begg, Mrs.
Begg, Master D. R. C.
Bennett, Mr. J.
Bennett, Mrs.
Bennett, Mr. G. G.
Bennett, Miss A.
Black, Miss V. J.
Bott, Mr. A.
Bremner, Mr. N. McL.
Brown, Mr. D. C.
Bryant, Mr. F. G.
Bryant, Mrs.
Bryant, Master W. W.
Burton, Mrs. M. A. M.
Burton, Miss J. M.
Burton, Miss S. A.
Burton, Master J. H.
Burton, Mater R. P.

Campbell, Mrs. J. M.
Cannon, Mr. J. J.
Cannon, Mrs.
Carpenter, Mr. J. H.
Carpenter, Mrs.
Carpenter, Miss M.
Carpenter, Miss L. M.
Chambers, Mrs. L. E.
Champion, Mr. R. A.
Champion, Mrs.
Champion, Miss L. A.
Champion, Master K. R.
Chapman, Mr. S.
Clark, Mr. A. E.
Cottle, Mr. J. R. R.
Craig, Mr. B. J.
Cullen, Mrs. E. A.
Cutherbertson, Mr. R.

Davies, Mr. A. J.
Davidson, Mrs. M.
Davis, Mr. O. J.
Davis, Mrs.
Davis, Master B. J.
De Boer, Mr. P. J.
Diment, Mrs. G. M.
Diment, Miss P. M.
Donnelly, Mr. J.
Driver, Mrs. M. U.

Elliott, Miss M.
Ellis, Mr. E. E.
Ellis, Mrs.
Ellis, Mr. L. E. G.
Evans, Mrs. O.
Evans, Mr. B.
Exell, Mrs. H. M.

Fell, Miss M. N.
Feltham, Mr. C. G.
Feltham, Mrs.
Ferry, Mr. R. C.
Ffrench-Beytagh, Mrs. L. F.
Ffrench-Beytagh, Mr. G. A.
Finlay, Mrs. J.
Finn, Mr. G. A.
Finn, Mrs.
Fisher, Mr. I. G.
Fletcher, Mr. W. W.
Fletcher, Mrs.
Fletcher, Miss L. A.
Fletcher, Miss J. D.
Fox, Mr. L.
Fox, Mrs.
Fox, Mr. L. J.
Fox, Master P.
Frampton, Mrs. O.
Freeston, Miss S. M.

Geerkins, Mr. C. G.
Geerkins, Mrs.
Goodger, Mr. L. G.
Goodger, Mrs.
Goodger, Miss G. H.
Goodger, Miss J. F.
Gordon, Prof. H. D.
Gordon, Mrs.
Gordon, Mr. R. F.
Gordon, Mrs.
Gordon, Mr. P. R.
Greig, Mrs. C. S.
Guthrie, Miss J. O.

Hamblin, Mrs. L. M.
Hamblyn, Miss J. A.
Hansbro, Mr. J.
Hansbro, Mrs.
Hansbro, Miss W. M. F.
Hansbro, Miss M.
Hansen, Mrs. M.
Harper, Mrs. M. A.
Harper, Miss A. M.
Hider, Mr. N. K.
Hider, Mrs.
Holohan, Mr. C.
Holohan, Mrs.
Holohan, Miss J.
Holohan, Master C.
Howes, Mrs. L.
Howes, Master T. M.
Howes, Master P. T.

Ibbotson, Mr. R.
Ibbotson, Mrs.
Ibbotson, Miss M. R.
Ibbotson, Miss T. M.

Jarman, Mr. J. E.
Jarman, Mrs.
Jarman, Miss A.
Jenks, Mrs. C. E.
Johnson, Mr. J. J.
Jones, Mr. H. B.
Jones, Mrs.
Jones, Master I. R.

Karlsen, Mr. K. G. M.
Kelland, Mr. J. C.
Kelland, Mrs.
Kelland, Master G. J.
Kelland, Miss E. A.
Kelland, Miss V. J.
Kennedy, Mr. R. E.
Kerslake, Mr. R. H.
Kerslake, Mr. R. J.
Keukelaar, Mr. A. P., Senr.
Keukelaar, Miss H. P.
Keukelaar, Mr. A. P., Jnr.
Keukelaar, Miss J. C. C.
Keukelaar, Miss A. J.
Kirby, Mr. R. A.
Kirby, Mrs.

Lafferty, Mr. W.
Lafferty, Mrs.
Lafferty, Miss L. S.
Lafferty, Master K.
Leighs, Mr. T. G.
Levett, Mr. R. W.
Lewis, Mrs. C.
Lewis, Mr. R.
Lewis, Miss M.
Logan, Mr. N. C.

Macdonald, Miss F. J.
Macdougall, Mrs. J.
Mackenzie, Miss A. E.
Mann, Mr. G. P.
Maw, Mr. G. C. R.
Maxwell, Miss M. D.
McGillan, Mrs. O. M.
McKenney, Mr. R. D.
McKenney, Mrs.
McKenney, Miss N. S.
McLauchlan, Miss M. C.
McMillan, Mr. J.
McMillan, Mrs.
Merrick, Mr. T.
Merton, Mr. E. T.
Methven, Miss J.
Middleton, Mrs. L. E.
Middleton, Mr. O. E.
Miles, Mr. A. L.
Miles, Mrs.
Miles, Miss D. F.
Milton, Mrs. L. E.
Monaghan, Mr. M.
Morgan, Mrs. M.
Morrison, Mrs. D. M.
Morrison, Miss B. D.
Morrison, Master W. R.
Morrison, Miss B. L.
Mullings, Miss M. F.
Munro, Mrs. W. V.

Neale, Mr. C. C.
Nepia, Mr. P. H.
Nepia, Mrs.

Oliver, Mrs. A. M.

Page, Mr. M. J.
Paige, Mrs. V. L. E.
Paige, Mr. T. G.
Paige, Miss M. V.
Paterson, Miss V. E. R.
Paterson, Mr. K. B. L.
Pawson, Mrs. L. A. M.
Pickles, Miss A. M.
Pirkis, Mrs. M. A.
Pope, Mr. E.
Pope, Mrs.
Prentice, Mrs. S. R. W.
Price, Mr. E.
Price, Mrs.
Price, Mr. R.

Radanitsch, Miss M. J.
Ramage, Mr. J. P.
Ramage, Mrs.
Reid, Miss A.
Reid, Miss E. M.
Reid, Miss N. M.
Reid, Mr. M.
Reid, Mrs.
Reid, Master A. D.
Riddles, Miss B. A.
Roberts, Mr. G. A.
Roberts, Mrs.
Roberts, Miss A. K.
Roberts, Miss J.
Robinson, Mrs. D. M.
Robinson, Master D.
Robinson, Miss S.
Rowe, Miss D. R.
Ryll, Mr. H.

Sabine, Mrs. G. H.
Seiles, Mrs. J.
Seiles, Miss S. M.
Sexton, Mr. A. E.
Sexton, Mrs.
Shannon, Mr. T.
Shannon, Mrs.
Shannon, Master E.
Sharp, Mr. J. M.
Sharp, Mrs. M.
Sharpe, Mr. J.
Sharpe, Mrs.
Sharpe, Miss R. K.
Shaw, Mr. K. H.
Shaw, Mrs.
Sheehan, Mr. P.
Shields, Mrs. E. M.
Simpson, Mr. R. A.
Slater, Mr. J. T.
Slaughter, Mrs. M. G.
Smeed, Mr. N. J.
Smith, Mrs. B.
Smith, Miss J. P.
Smith-Dodsworth Sir John, BT.
Staals, Mr. J.
Stainer-Hutchins, Mrs. Y. M. M.
Stokes, Mr. A. R.
Sussex, Mr. D. J.
Sweeney, Mr. A. E. St.J.
Sweeney, Mrs.
Sweeney, Master P. B. St.J.
Sweeney, Miss K. Y.

Tarrant, Mr. G. E.
Ten Hove, Mrs. J.
Ten Hove, Miss A. C.
Ten Hove, Miss C. E.
Ten Hove, Miss D.
Tennent, Miss J. G.
Thompson, Mrs. J. M.
Thompson, Miss B. E.
Thompson, Miss P. A.
Thompson, Master I. H.
Turner, Mrs. B. L.

Walker, Mr. W. H.
Walker, Mrs.
Waugh, Mr. K. J.
Weeks, Mr. L. W.
Weeks, Mrs.
Weeks, Miss B. M.
Wells, Mr. J. L.
Wild, Mr. H.
Wild, Mr. W. A.
Wild, Mrs.
Wild, Mr. J. A.
Wild, Miss M. J.
Williams, Mr. G.
Williams, Mrs.
Williams, Miss M.
Williamson, Mr. F. S.
Williamson, Mrs.
Williamson, Mr. R. S.
Wilson, Mr. T.
Wilson, Mrs.
Wright, Mr. S. G.
Wright, Miss D. A.
Wynne, Miss M. E.

York, Mr. H.
York, Mrs.

Called at Pitcairn Island on 9th May 1956