1954 – Rangitiki – Mr V Young of Pitcairn

This passenger is possibly Vernon Stanley Young, born Pitcairn Island 13th January 1901 as shown on “The Peerage” website.

New Zealand – Pitcairn Island
Young, Mr. V.
Young, Miss M.
Young, Miss N.

I asked about these passengers on the “Friends of Pitcairn” Yahoo Group and had the following comments:

(1) From Walter Kramarski:
“I may be wrong, but, I believe the question should be: ‘Is this Vernon Young and daughter, Margaret Young, (he had one adopted daughter) – and who is “N” in Miss N. Young?’ ”

(2) From Herb Ford:
“Relative to your question, if it was indeed Vernon Young, then he had only one daughter, Margaret. If the ‘Miss N’ was a Pitcairner, she would likely have been one of these four: Nancy Imogene Young, Nellah Young, Ninette Irene Young, or Nola Iona Young (who married Reynold Warren) – determined from PISC web site under ‘Pitcairn’ and then ‘Who are the Pitcairners?’ and thePeerage.com.”

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