1953 – 30th May – Rangitata

From Wellington, New Zealand to Southampton, UK via Pitcairn Island, Panama Canal and Curaçao

1953-Rangitata-Crew-photoRANGITATA CREW PHOTOGRAPH

Back row, standing:

L.A. Bowen-West, R.N.R. Supy. 3rd Officer
R.M. Michael, 4th Officer
J. Masson, 3rd Officer
N. MacLean, 4th Engineer
A. Slater, 3rd Engineer
J.C. Grant, 1st Radio Officer
E. Hulme, 1st Electn.
T. Price, 1st Ref. Eng.

Front Row Seated:

E. Swift, M.B.E., Purser
G. Pool, 2nd Officer
D.A.G. Dickens, R.N.R., Chief Officer
Commander, Capt. E.A. Burton
J.H. Anderson, Chief Engineer
H.McD. Dobson, 2nd Engineer
S.W. Innes-Smith, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Surgeon



Aires, Mrs. E. M.
Allan, Mrs. E. M.
Angus, Mr. D. D.
Armstrong, Mrs. M. M.

Blease, Miss K. M.
Booth, Mr. R. G.
Booth, Mrs.
Booth, Miss H. Y. S.
Bowler, Miss E.
Bowler, Miss R. E.
Bowyer, Mr. D. W.
Bowyer, Mrs.
Bowyer, Master J. C.
Bucknill, Rev. E. G.

Callinan, Mr. G. S.
Christian, Mr. R. P.
Christian, Mrs.
Coventry, Mr. E. R. J.
Curtis, Mr. F. R.
Curtis, Mrs.

1953-Rangitata-Title_crew-pageDavis, Mr. H. A.
Davis, Mrs.
De Sousa Pernes, Mr. J. M.
Duncan, Mrs. C. H.

Elder, Mr. M. A.
Ellis, Snr. Cd. Comm. Offr., J. H., R.N.
Ellis, Mrs.

Gordon, Mrs. D. L.
Graham, Lt. Cmdr. G. O., D.S.O. & Bar, R.N.
Graham, Mrs.

Hollyer, Mr. R. N.
Hollyer, Mrs.
Howarth, Miss E. J.
Hughes, W/Co. A., R.A.F.
Hughes, Mrs.

Keays, Mr. L. G.
Kent, Snr. Cd. Comm. Offr. R. E., R.N.
Kent, Mrs.
Kent, Master P. M.
Kent, Miss C. P.
Kidd, Mr. P.
Kidd, Mrs.
Knowling, Cdr. P. J., R.N.
Knowling, Mrs.

1953-Rangitata-Ship-photoLangley, Mrs. J. E.
Longstaff, Mr. H. J.
Longstaff, Mrs.

MacDonald, Mrs. M. W.
McArthur, Mr. A.
McArthur, Mrs.
Marquand, Mr. W. J.
Marquand, Mrs.
Marquand, Master C. J.
Marquand, Master I. G.
Mathieson, Mr. I. G.
Mathieson, Mrs.
Moss, Mrs. G. E. M.

Northcott, Mr. W. G.
Northcott, Mrs.

Parker, Mr. J. H.
Pinker, Mr. R. L.
Pinker, Mrs.
Pinker, Miss D. L.
Pinker, Miss J. A.

Robbins, Mr. S. T.
Robbins, Mrs.
Robinson, Miss A.
Robinson, Mr. W. G.
Robinson, Mrs.
Rintoul, Major A. S.

Skelton, Mr. A. E.
Skelton, Mrs.
Steel, Mrs. A. J.
Stevens, Mr. S. J.
Stevens, Mrs.
Stewart, Mrs. E. M.
Stokes, Mr. R. O.
Stokes, Mrs.
Story, Dr. L. F.
Story, Mrs.

Thomson, Mr. W. F. J.
Thomson, Mrs.
Treadwell, Mrs. D. H.
Treadwell, Miss P. A.
Treadwell, Master S. G. M.

Underdown, Mrs. R.

Von Der Heyde, Miss M.

Waters, Mr. V. R.
Waters, Miss V. C.
Waters, Miss V. D.
Waters, Master N. P. R.
Webber, Mrs. L.
Wheatley, Mr. E. E.

Willacy, Mrs. E.
Wilson, Mr. G. H.
Williams, Mrs. L. S.
Wright Mr. W. M.
Wright, Mrs.


Brown, Miss E. S.
Fifield, Miss L. I.
Hayden, Mr. H.
Hayden, Mrs.
Vial, Mr. V. E.
Vial, Mrs.


Van Der Maarel, Mr. M.


LIST OF PASSENGERS – FIRST CLASS – From Panama to United Kingdom
Burgos, Dr. E.
Burgos, Mrs.
Burgos, Miss I.


Abbott, Mrs. K. E.
Abbott, Miss S. E.
Addlesee, Miss P.
Alderson, Mr. A. R.
Alderson, Mrs.
Alderson, Master M. A.
Aldridge, Mrs. F. B.
Anstee, Mr. F.
Anstee, Mrs.
Anstee, Master M. A.
Archer, Mrs. M.
Atkinson, Mr. C.

Baird, Mr. D. G.
Banks, Mrs. E.
Barrett, Mrs. A. E.
Bates, Miss J. K.
Beeler, Mr. J.
Bennett, Mr. W. H.
Bennett, Mrs.
Berry, Mrs. E.
Birkett, Miss B. E.
Bleakley, Mr. J. H.
Bond, Miss E. A.
Borreson, Mrs. S. I.
Bradnam, Mr. E. L. P.
Bradnam, Mrs.
Bradstock, Mr. J. W.
Bradstock, Mrs.
Bree, Professor L.
Bree, Mrs.
Bresman, Mr. A.
Bresman, Mr. G.
Brooks, Mr. B. G.
Brown, Mrs. D.
Brown, Miss E. G.
Brown, Miss K. L.
Buchanan, Mrs. R.
Burbidge, Miss D. B.
Butcher, Mr. R. L.
Butterworth, Mr. F.
Butterworth, Mrs.
Butterworth, Master B. F.
Butterworth, Miss B. A.
Button, Mrs. E.

Calder, Mr. E. H.
Calnan, Mr. G. A.
Campbell, Miss M.
Capps, Mr. R. J.
Carey, Mrs. R.
Carlsen, Mr. S. A.
Carter, Mrs. J. M.
Cartlidge, Mr. C. W.
Cartlidge, Mrs.
Cartlidge, Master C. W.
Cavell, Miss V. J.
Cherry, Mrs. A. G.
Cherry, Miss S. M.
Cherry, Miss C. N.
Cherry, Master D. H.
Chilman, Miss P. M.
Coffin, Miss J. S.
Cole, Mr. G.
Collier, Mrs. W. L.
Connell, Mrs. W. A.
Connell, Master G. R.
Cook, Mr. G. E.
Cook, Mrs.
Cook, Master P.
Cork, Mr. E. R.

Davieson, Mr. G. M.
Dear, Mr. C. A.
Delaney, Mr. A. G.
Dettling, Mr. P. A.
Dickins, Miss S. A.
Dillon, Mr. B. P.
Ducker, Mrs. A. K.

Elders, Miss C. M.
Evans, Mrs. S.

Fausett, Mr. R. R.
Fell, Dr. H. B.
Fell, Mrs.
Ferguson, Miss D. S.
Fernie, Mr. A. M.
Fernie, Mrs.
Fernie, Miss S. M.
Field, Mr. K. R.
Flavell, Mr. J. D.
Foley, Mr. J.
Foyne, Miss D. M.

Gerard, Mrs. M. E.
Gerard, Miss B. M.
Gilberd, Mr. E. B.
Godfrey, Mrs. R. M.
Goodhand, Mrs. M. G.
Gordine, Mr. R. B.
Greenhalf, Mr. E. H.

Hale, Mr. K. E.
Hallewell, Mrs. A. A.
Hammond, Mrs. A. M.
Hanford, Miss M.
Harrison, Mrs. M. K.
Harwood, Mr. W. J.
Hayden, Mr. C. A. S.
Hedges, Mr. C. J.
Hedges, Mrs.
Hely, Mrs. H. M.
Henry, Mr. L.
Hicks, Mr. F. V.
Hicks, Mrs.
Higgens, Mr. V. C.
Higgens, Mrs.
Higgens, Master G. V.
Hindle, Miss K.
Hill, Miss M. J.
Hinds, Mr. W. L.
Hodges, Miss L. R.
Holt, Mr. J. W.
Holt, Mr. W. P.
Hopkins, Mr. P. V. R.
Hopkins, Mrs.
Hopkins, Mr. T. L.
Hukk, Mrs. J. H.
Hulme, Mr. J.
Hulme, Mrs.

Ingram, Mrs. A. B.
Inkersell, Mr. E. R. M.
Ivory, Miss N. E.

Jepson, Mrs. M.
Jessop, Mrs. M. J.
Jones, Mr. I. R.

Kean, Mrs. C.
Keown. Mr. C. A. J.
Kimberley, Mrs. H. A.
Kimberley, Mr. O. C. L.
Kral, Mrs. I.

Langley, Miss A. K. B.
Lawley, Mrs. P. A. M.
Lawson, Mr. A. E.
Leadbeater, Mrs. E. M.
Leen, Rev. Father D.
Leen, Mr. T.
Lomas, Mrs. K. R. M.
Lomas, Miss J. D.
Lomas, Miss P. A.
Lowe, Mrs. A.

Macpherson, Miss E. A.
Macpherson, Miss H.
McGuire, Mr. J.
McGuire, Mrs.
McMahon, Miss M. A.
McRae, Mr. A. F.
McRae, Mrs.
McSherrie, Mrs. M. C.
Manchester, Miss G. N.
Martin, Miss M.
Mason, Miss H. J.
Milburn, Miss J. L.
Monk, Miss B. E.
More, Miss A. D.
Moss, Miss B. R.
Moss, Miss D. M.
Moss, Miss I. E.
Murphy, Mrs. G. W.
Murray, Mrs. J.

Newton, Miss M. I.
Nivison, Mr. D.
Noble, Mr. J. R
Noble, Mrs.

O’Connor, Mr. E. D.
O’Connor, Mrs.
O’Connor, Rev. Father J. J.
Odlin, Capt. R. W.
Odlin, Mrs.
Oglethorpe, Miss H. M.
Opel, Mrs. E.
Oud, Mr. G.

Parkinson, Mrs. O. M.
Patton, Mr. W. J.
Pearce, Miss G. G.
Pearce, Miss L. G.
Pedley, Miss E. L.
Petty, Mr. J. A.
Pitcher, Mr. H. K.
Plaister, Mr. M. A.
Porter, Mr. K. I.
Priscott, Miss V. J.
Proudman, Mrs. E. A.
Punshon, Mr. W.
Punshon, Mrs.
Punshon, Miss D. E.
Punshon, Miss F.

Raynsford, Mr. T. S.
Richardson, Mr. F. I.
Richardson, Mrs.
Richardson, Mr. J. O.
Richardson, Mrs. O. R.
Richardson, Miss A. R.
Richardson, Master A. D.
Robertson, Miss A. H. Mca.
Robinson, Mr. W.
Robinson, Mrs.
Rollo, Miss N. M.
Rose, Miss B. L.
Roseveare, Mr. F. R.
Roseveare, Mrs.
Russell, Mrs. R. P.
Russell, Master D. W.
Russell, Miss R. A.
Ryan, Mr. A. R

Scott, Miss D. R. O.
Shaw, Miss L.
Simmonds, Mr. A. E.
Simms, Mr. N. V.
Simms, Mrs.
Simms, Miss A. V.
Simms, Master R. E.
Stmpson, Mr. A. H.
Small, Miss M. J.
Smith, Mr. E. G. C.
Smith, Mr. M. J.
Smith, Mr. R. R.
Smith, Miss W. V.
Swale, Miss M. J.

Tatlow, Mr. T.
Tatlow, Mrs.
Tatlow, Master M. T.
Tatlow, Master T.
Thomson, Miss M. A.
Totten, Miss S. (a very young passenger travelling alone – see comment below)
Tucker, Miss G.

Van Der Meyde, Miss A. S.

Walker, Mrs. M. P.
Walker, Mr. S.
Waller, Mr. L. N.
Waller, Mrs.
Waller, Master A. L.
Walton, Mr. B. O.
Warn, Mrs. M. M.
Warn, Miss L.
Watts, Mrs. H.
Watson, Mrs. I. M.
Wayte, Miss M. I.
Webster, Mrs. C.
Webster, Mrs. M. M.
Weir, Mr. T.
Weir, Mrs.
Weir, Miss K. L.
Whibley, Miss J. A.
White, Miss A. M.
Whitsitt, Mr. J. H.
Wilkinson, Miss G. A.
Wilson, Mr. J. C.
Wilson, Miss M. H.
Wong, M. S.

Yorke, Mr. G. H.


Avenell, Mrs. L. W.
Albon, Mr. H. W.
Albon, Mrs.
Albon, Miss S. P.

Barratt-Boyes, Dr. B. G.
Barratt-Boyes, Mrs.
Barratt-Boyes, Master D. G.
Barratt-Boyes, Master M.
Betley, Mr. S.
Belcher, Mr. G. A.
Belcher, Mrs.
Belcher, Master K. J.
Belcher, Master H. R.
Booth, Mr. E.

Cohr, Miss H. E.
Crookes, Miss M. E.
Cutforth, Mr. J.

Dickey, Mr. J. R.

Earl, Miss D. L.

Faulding, Mrs. E. M.
Findlay, Mr. M. R
Findlay, Mrs.

Gentil, Mrs. L. F.
Gifkins, Mrs. D. C.

Hargreaves, Miss M. E.
Hayward, Mrs. P.
Hookham, Mrs. R. D.

Jaracz, Mr. T.
Johnson, Miss E. C.

Larkin, Mrs. W.
Lawless, Miss D. M.
Leroy, Mr. P. P.

Morris, Mrs. R. M.
Munro, Miss P.

Pope, Mr. L. G.
Priest, Mr. H. R.
Prout, Mr. J. G. M.

Richardson, Mr. F.
Richardson, Mrs.
Richardson, Mr. F.
Roberts, Mr. W.
Rogers, Mr. J. E.
Rogers, Mrs.

Sperling, Miss R. E. H.
Springfield, Mr. L. F.
Springfield, Mrs.

Thomas, Miss J. G.
Thompson, Mrs. I.

Warren, Mr. D. T.
Wheeler, Mr. M. G.
Wright, Mr. T. I.

Called at Pitcairn Island on 7th June 1953

2 thoughts on “1953 – 30th May – Rangitata

  1. Angela Wood

    Hi, my mother, Miss S Totten was a passenger. She travelled from Wellington to Southampton alone aged 11 !! She remembers it very well, such an adventure!



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