1952 – 13th June – Rangitata

From London, UK to Wellington, New Zealand, via Curaçao and Panama Canal

This passenger list has been reproduced with the kind permission of Steve Langford who was a passenger with his parents and grandparents on this voyage.


Commander, G. Kinnell, O.B.E.
Chief Officer, J. E. Bury
Supy. Chief Officers, P. A. Ogden and F. M. Williamson, R.N.R.
Second Officer, T. S. Wadie
Third Officer, A. W. Elliott
Fourth Officer, J. R. H. Hannah
Surgeon, S. W. Innes-Smith, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
Nursing Sister, E. Jones, S.R.N., S.C.M.
First Radio Officer, J. C. Grant
Second Radio Officer, P. A. Yeates
Chief Engineer, J. H. Anderson
Second Engineer, N. McClurg
Third Engineer, A. Slater
Fourth Engineer, E. E. Acland
First Refrig. Eng., T. Price
First Elect. Eng., G. Cork
Purser, E. Swift, M.B.E.
Chief Steward, T. A. Dumbell
Asst. Purser, L. Gillingham



Armstrong, Sub. Lt. L. G., R.N.Z.N.

Beaven, Mr. M. W.
Beaven, Mrs.
Bell, Mr. M. W. R.
Bell, Mrs.
Berry, Mr. A. N.
Biggs, Mr. A. C., M.C., F.R.C.S.
Biggs, Mrs.
Booty, Mrs. O. B.
Bray, Mr. J. E.
Browne, Lieut. A. A., R.N.
Burnett, Mr. W. H.

Chilcott, Mrs. B.

Dallas, Mrs. E. F.
Dennison, Mrs. E. A.

Ferguson, Mr. J. A.

Garner, Mr. E. F. A.
Garner, Mrs.

Hammerton, Mr. H. W.
Hampson, Mrs. E.
Haycock, Mr. F. G.
Haycock, Mrs.
Hebden, Mrs. E.
Henderson, Mrs. A. I. A.
Hepburn, Dr. M. I.
Hepburn, Mrs.
Hepburn, Miss L.
Hepburn, Master J. S.
Hepburn, Miss V. M.
Holland, Sqn. Ldr., J. E., D.F.C., R.A.F.
Holland, Mrs.
Holland, Miss C. A.
Holland, Miss P. J.

Jenkin, Mr. Thomas Sidney
Jenkin, Mrs. Alice Maud
Jones, Bishop T. Sherwood, D.D.
Jones, Mrs.
Jones, Miss M. S.
Julian, Mrs. F. E.

Keighley, Mrs. A.

Langford, Mr. Reginald Henry
Langford, Mrs. Dorah Alice
Langford, Miss Anne A.
Langford, Master Roger Henry
Langford, Master Stephen John

MacLachan, Mr. R. H.
Mathews, Mrs. M.
Mathews, Miss P. M.
Mathews, Master R. J.
McDermont, Mr. J. G.
McDermont, Mrs.
McKimm, Mr. A.
McKimm, Mrs.
McKimm, Master R. A. C.
McKimm, Miss W. J. H.
Merrells, Mr. E. H.
Merrells, Mrs.
Milburn, S/Ldr. J. M., D.S.O., R.A.F.
Milburn, Mrs.
Milburn, Master M. J. R.
Milburn, Miss C. S. M.

Newman, Mr. A.

Padmore, Mrs. E. E.
Payne, Miss P. M.
Piper, Mr. H. L.
Piper Mrs.
Price, Mrs. N. E.
Price, Miss H. F.
Price, Miss B. L.

Quinn, Lieut. J. I., R.N.Z.N.
Quinn, Mrs.
Quinn, Master A. W.
Quinn, Miss J. M.
Quinn, Miss J. A.

Reevely, Mrs. A. V. P.
Reevely, Master A. D.
Richards, Mr. F. W.
Richards, Mrs.
Richards, Master N. F. M.
Richardson, Mr. C. G.
Richardson, Mrs.
Richardson, Mr. K. G.
Richardson, Master I.
Richardson, Miss K.
Rothwell, Mr. W. J.
Rothwell, Mrs.
Rothwell, Miss J.

Seligman, Miss C.
Sharples, Mr. E.
Sharples, Mrs.
Shelton, Mr. D. F.
Shelton, Mrs.
Shelton, Master I. T.
Shelton, Master D. C.
Shelton, Miss A. M.
Sherston, Mrs. E. A.
Simon, Mr. J.
Smith, Mr. A.
Smith, Mrs.
Smith, Mr. C. H.
Smith, Mrs.
Smith, Miss J. P.
Smith, Miss N. M.
Snelson, Mr. J. F.
Snelson, Mrs.
Snelson, Miss C. M.
Snelson, Master J. A.
Stace, Mr. C. H.
Stace, Mrs.
Stevenson, Lt. Col. G. B.
Stevenson, Mrs.
Stevenson, Mr. C. B.
Stott, Mrs. L.

Tringham, Mrs. K. A.
Turner, Mr. Harry

Van Den Bemd, Miss T. M. E.
Van Den Bemd, Miss L. J. T. M.

Webber, Mrs. L.
White, Mrs. J. A.
Whitehead, Mr. W. S.
Whitehead, Mrs.
Whitehead, Master M. W.
Whitehead, Miss S. G.
Whitehead, Mr. W.
Wilding, Mr. G. E.
Wilding, Mrs.
Williams, Mr. F. M.
Williams, Mrs.


Hern, Mr. H. R., D.F.C.
Hern, Mrs.
Hughes, Mr. W.

Keat, Mr. G. R.
Keat, Mrs.


Adcock, Mrs. C.
Agnew, Mrs. V.
Agnew, Miss J. L.
Andrews, Mr. H. R.
Andrews, Mrs.
Antematter, Mrs. M. J.

Barley, Mrs. I. H.
Barley, Master K. H.
Barley, Miss M. J.
Barnett, Mrs. E. M.
Barry, Miss M. C.
Barry, Mr. R. E.
Barry, Mrs.
Barry, Master M. W.
Barry, Miss S. M.
Bartrum, Miss M.
Bartrum, Miss J. W. P.
Beasley, Mr. F.
Beim, Mrs. M. L.
Beim, Miss H. M.
Bell, Mr. S.
Bell, Mrs.
Bell, Mrs. T. R.
Best, Mrs. E. J.
Best, Miss Q.
Best, Master R. C.
Best, Miss N. E.
Best, Miss C. A.
Beven, C.P.O. H., R.N.Z.N.
Beven, Mrs.
Beven, Miss C. C.
Beven, Master G. R.
Birrell, Mrs. E.
Birrell, Mr. D.
Blackbourn, Miss G. W.
Bremner, Mr. A. M.
Brett, Mr. A. J.
Briggs, Mr. A. L.
Briggs, Mrs.
Briggs, Mr. L.
Briggs, Miss A.
Briggs, Mrs. D. M. M.
Briggs, Miss S. A.
Briggs, Miss S. E.
Brown, Mrs. B. M.
Brown, Master V. C. E.
Brown, Master M. J.
Burley, Mr. A. V.
Burnett, Mr. K. W.
Butterfield, Mrs. M.
Butterfield, Master R.

Campbell, Mr. D. M.
Campbell, Mrs.
Chalcraft, Mrs. M.
Chalcraft, Master T. S.
Chapman, Mrs. L. J.
Chapman, Miss S. A.
Claridge, Mr. I. W.
Clark, Mrs. H. A.
Clark, Miss E. M.
Clark, Master D. W.
Clark, Miss P. M.
Cole, Mr. B. F.
Cole, Mrs.
Cook, Cpl. T. E., R.N.Z.A.F.
Cook, Mrs.
Cooper, Mr. J.
Coubrough, Mrs. M. M.
Coubrough, Miss J. C.
Coubrough, Master J.
Cowled, Rev. S. G. C., O.B.E.
Cowled, Mrs.
Cox, Mrs. F. T.
Crosby, Mr. J.
Crosby, Mrs.

Darvill, Master A. G.
Darvill, Master R. T.
Davies, Mr. G.
Davies, Mrs.
Davies, Miss G. M.
Davies, Miss S. M.
Davies, Miss S. A.
Davies, Mr. Stephen
Davies, Mr. Sydney
Davis, Mr. D.
Davis, Mrs.
Davis, Miss M. M. C.
Davis, Miss L.
Denham, Mr. J. N.
Dick, Mr. A.
Dick, Mrs.
Dick, Miss M. R.
Dicker, Miss P. M.
Douglas, Mr. H.
Duran, Mr. A. B.
Duran, Mrs.
Duran, Miss J.

Eddie, Mr. A.
Ellis, Mr. A.
Evans, Mr. E.
Everitt, Mr. J. L.

Fagan, Mrs. C.
Fletcher, Miss F. B.
Flett, Mr. J.
Flett, Mrs.
Fordham, Mrs. K.
Fordham, Miss L. A.
Frost, Mr. F. C.
Frost, Mrs.
Fuller, Miss K. M.
Fuller, Miss B. M. W.

Gibson, Mrs. M.
Girle, Mr. G. J.
Girle, Mrs.
Glaze, Mrs. S. G.
Glaze, Miss C. J.
Glaze, Miss J. S.
Gosling, P.O. H. R., R.N.Z.N.

Hall, Miss W.
Hance, Mr. G. C. A.
Handforth, Mr. S.
Handforth, Mrs.
Hardie, Mrs. M.
Harrison, Mr. B. D.
Harvey, Master P. W. P.
Hawkins, Mr. A. J.
Hayden, Mrs. A. N.
Hayden, Miss C. A.
Hayden, Miss V. R.
Hembrow, Miss M. E.
Hill, Mrs. B.
Hill, Master R. B.
Hill, Miss C. A.
Hill, Master G. A.
Hirst, Mrs. M.
Hirst, Master G. S.
Horsford, Mr. J.
Horsford, Mrs.
Hugh, Mrs. A. V.
Hughes, Mr. D. C.
Hutchinson, Mr. A. A.
Hutchinson, Mrs.
Hutchinson, Mr. R.
Hutchinson, Miss J. M.

Isbister, Miss J. L.
Isbister, Miss F. M.

Jackson, Mr. G.
Jackson, Mrs.
Jackson, Miss P. M.
Jackson, Miss S. E.
Jeffries, R.E.A. C. N., R.N.Z.N.
Jeffries, Mrs.
Jeffries, Master C. E.
Jeffries, Master D. N.
Johnston, Miss J. L.
Jones, R.E.A. L. E., R.N.Z.N.
Jones, Mrs.
Jones, Miss G. J.
Jones, Miss F. M.
Jones, Master P. E.
Jones, Mr. F. O.

Kausz, Mr. H. W. D.
Keys, Mrs. I.
Keys, Master R. S.
Keys, Master S. J.
Kidd, Mrs. M.
Kirk, Mrs. H. M.
Knights, Mr. J. P.

Lack, Mrs. M.
Lack, Miss M. G.
Lakey, Mr. E. D.
Laverack, Mrs. N.
Laverack, Master A. R.
Lee, Mrs. D. O.
Lee, Master W. J.
Lee, Miss P. A.
Lewis, Miss D. M.
Lewis, Mr. L. C. W.
Lloyd, Mr. A. R. J.
Lloyd, Mrs.
Lloyd, Miss Y. A.
Lloyd, Miss V. L.
Lundberg, Mr. G. McK.
Lundberg, Mrs.
Lundberg, Miss J. E.
Lundberg, Miss J. A.

Madden Mr. P.
Matthews, Mrs. L. I.
Matthews, Miss R. J.
McEwen, Mrs. M.
Merrifield, Mr. G. J.
Middleton, Mrs. F. M.
Middleton, Miss J. M.
Middleton, Master M. J.
Middleton, Miss J.
Morgan, Mr. E. A.
Morgan, Mrs.
Morgan, Miss S. A.

Nethercott, Mr. W. P.
Nethercott, Mrs.
North, Mrs. Z.
Northcote, Mr. R. H. O., M.C.
Northcote, Mrs.
Northcote, Miss P. J.
Northcote, Miss S. H.

Obbard, Mr. F. R.
O’Connell, Mr. W. J.
Oliver, Mr. G. D.

Parr, Mr. T. R.
Parr, Mrs.
Parr, Miss J. M.
Parr, Master M. I.
Perry, P.O. Ck. L. R., R.N.Z.N.
Peteri, Mrs. M.
Peteri, Miss B. M. E.
Phillips, Mrs. J. A.
Phillips, Master P. J.
Phillips, Master A. S.
Phillips, Miss A. J.
Phillips, Miss M. J.
Pownall, Mr. J.
Pownall, Mrs. D. M.
Presley, Mrs. M.
Presley, Master P. R.
Pulley, Mrs. M.

Ranshaw, Mr. H.
Ranshaw, Mrs.
Ranshaw, Miss G.
Ransley, Mr. B. J.
Riceman, Mr. A.
Ritter, Master P. H. J.
Robinson, Mrs. A. E. V.
Robinson, Master P. S.
Robinson, Miss M. S.
Roughton, Mr. D.
Roughton, Mrs.
Roughton, Master D. E.
Roughton, Master R. N.
Rout, Mr. A. W.
Rout, Miss E.

Shannon, Mr. S.
Shardlow, Mr. N.
Sharpley, Mr. W. S. M.
Smith, Mrs. M.
Snowdon, Mrs. S.
Snowdon, Master M. N.
Snowdon, Master J. R.
Snowdon, Miss C. A. C.
Snowdon, Miss G. B.
Sparrow, Mr. G.
Spooner, Miss H. E. L.
Spooner, Mrs. E.
Spooner, Master D.
Steele, Miss M.
Steele, Miss A.
Steward, Mr. R. E.
Stewart, Mr. J. B.
Stewart, Mr. T.
Stewart, Mrs. F.
Stewart, Miss B.
Stewart, Master G.
Stewart, Master D.
Stokes, Mrs. M. E.
Stuart, Miss I. F. M.
Stuart, Miss J. H. R.
Sturley, Master D. E.
Sullivan, Miss M. A.
Sutton, Mr. B. D.
Sutton, Mr. I. F.
Sutton, Mrs.
Sutton, Mr. W. J.
Sutton, Mrs.
Sutton, Master W. D.

Tatham, Miss E. M.
Terry, Mr. F. W.
Thacker, Mr. A.
Thomson, Mr. J. M.
Tibbenham, Mr. A. C.
Till, Mr. A. R.
Till, Mrs.
Till, Master P. J.
Townsend, Mr. R. H. G.
Tupper, Mr. D. G.
Turner, Mrs. F. M.
Tustain, Mr. K. C.
Tustain, Mrs. E. M.
Tustain, Miss C. M.
Tustain, Miss M. E.
Tyler, Mrs. M. K.
Tyler, Master D. J.
Tyler, Miss B. J.

Walker, Mr. T.
Walker, Mrs.
Webb, Miss H. I.
Weir, Mrs. C.
Weir, Miss R.
Wicks, Mr. R. G.
Wicks, Mrs.
Wicks, Miss J. E.
Williams, Mr. J.
Wray, Mr. A.

Called at Pitcairn Island on 6th July 1952

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