1951 – 21st August – Rangitane

From London for Auckland via Curaçao and Panama Canal


Commander: T. L. Maltby
Chief Officer: F. M. Williamson, R.N.R.
Second Officer: C. S. Single
Third Officer: J. P. Marshall
Supy. Third Officer: D. B. Gaskell
Fourth Officer: D. R. Crabtree
Surgeon: W. H. Brodie, M.B., Ch.B.
First Radio Officer: C. L. Lambe
Second Radio Officer: W. F. Shepherd
Chief Engineer: G. C. MacDougall, O.B.E.
Second Engineer: J. E. Cresswell
Third Engineer: A. A. B. McMillan
Fourth Engineer: A. Lacy
First Refrig. Eng.: A. A. Cook
First Elect. Eng.: J. B. McColl
Purser: E. Maughan, M.B.E.
Chief Steward: W. Mullis
Nursing Sister: M. Hopper

Passenger list is not available to me.

Called at Pitcairn Island on 13th September 1951