1951 – 13th July – Rangitoto

From London, UK to Wellington, New Zealand, via Curaçao and Panama Canal


Commander, C. R. Pilcher, O.B.E.
Chief Officer, J. S. B. Holley
Second Officer, A. F. Jenkins
Supy. Second Officer, A. B. Stalker
Third Officer, R. E. Baker
Fourth Officer, R. P. Mather
Surgeon, L. D. Roberts, M.B., Ch.B.
First Radio Officer, G. A. Parker
Second Radio Officer, R. L. Baker
Chief Engineer, G. A. McGregor, O.B.E.
Second Engineer, W. T. H. Jackson
Third Engineer, D. A. Clarke
Fourth Engineer, M. R. Baird
First Refrig. Eng., J. H. Long
First Elec. Eng., L. C. Hudson
Purser, C. A. Coles
Chief Steward, C. S. Craker
Nursing Sister, E. Grose

(other pages not seen at time of compiling this list)

Alexander, Mrs. G.
Allen, Mrs. B. McL.
Archer, Mr. W.
Armitage, Mr. T. E. W.
Armstrong, F/Lt. F. V., M.B.E.

Ballinger, Miss F. E.
Barbour, Mr. R.
Barbour, Mrs.
Barbour, Master R. H.
Barbour, Master J. M.
Barker, Mr. G. W. I.
Barker, Mrs.
Barker, Master J. M.
Barnett, Miss R. M.
Barratt, Lieut. D. E. C., R.N.
Barrell, Mr. A. F.
Barrell, Mrs.
Barrell, Miss J. M.
Barrett, Mr. R. L.
Barrie, Mrs. M. G.
Beavis, Mr. J. C.
Beck, Mr. T.
Beck, Mrs.
Beck, Miss B.
Bennett, Mr. A. L.
Bennett, Mrs.
Bennett, Miss K. A.
Bennett, Miss V. M.
Bentall, Mr. L.
Bentall, Mrs.
Bett, Mr. A. J.
Bett, Mrs.
Binsted, Miss D.
Bishop, Mrs. H.
Bishop, Miss D. H.
Bishop, Miss L.
Black, Mr. J.
Blanshard, Mrs. E. R.
Bredin, Mr. T.
Bredin, Mrs.
Bredin, Mr. A. J. T.
Bredin, Master W. M.
Brell, Mrs. C. W.
Bretherton, Mrs. H. J.
Bretherton, Miss A. H.
Brothers, Dr. R. N.
Brothers, Mrs.
Brown, Mr. H.
Brown, Mrs.
Brown, Mrs. M. A. S.
Brown, Miss I. F.
Browning, Mr. J. V. E.
Browning, Mrs.
Browning, Miss H. L.
Buchanan, Mr. J. D.
Busby, Mrs. F.
Busby, Miss R. B.
Butters, Mrs. E. L.

Carey, Mr. H.
Carson, Mrs. I. B.
Carson, Master W. S.
Chandler, Miss E. S.
Churchill, Mr. A. E.
Churchill, Mrs.
Clark, Miss M. B.
Coates, Mrs. J. M.
Coates, Master M. J.
Coates, Master R. J.
Coates, Master G. D.
Coles, Mrs. A. A.
Coles, Mr. D. O. H.
Coles, Mrs.
Coles, Miss P. J.
Coles, Miss A. M.
Collard, Mr. D. R.
Collings, Mr. A. E.
Cond, Mr. R.
Cond, Mrs.
Cooke, Mr. F. T.
Cooke, Mrs.
Cornwell, Mrs. L. M.
Cornwell, Master J. W.
Cornwell, Master D. R.
Cotching, Mr. C. E.
Crichton, Miss M. D.

Darlow, Mr. W. B.
Delmage, Master J. D.
Disney, Mrs. F. M.
Disney, Mrs. L. M.
Disney, Master I. P.
Dodd, Mrs. N. L.
Domb, Mr.L.
Drabble, Miss E. T.
Drury, Mr. V. F.
Drury, Mrs.
Dye, Mr. S. I.
Dye, Mrs.
Dye, Miss V.
Dye, Master P.

Easton, Dr. W. R.
Edgley, Miss E. V.
Ellis, Mr. H. F. J.
Ellis, Mrs.
Evans, Mrs. M.
Evans, Master P.

Faircloth, F/Lt. N. W., R.N.Z.A.F.
Faircloth, Mrs.
Faircloth, Miss T. D.
Farquhar, Mrs. M. L.
Ferry, Mr. W. H.
Fitzgerald, Mr. J. A.
Fitzgerald, Mrs.
Ford, Miss J.
Forster, Mr. R. H.
Fraser, Miss M. L.
Freeman, Mrs. E. M.
Freeman, Miss J. M.

Gathergood, Mrs. I. M. B.
Gathergood, Mr. P. S.
Gibson, Miss M. A.
Gleadhill, Mr. W.
Gleadhill, Mrs.
Godber, Mr. C.
Godber, Mrs.
Goodare, Mr. W. C.
Goodare, Mrs.
Goudie, Mrs. J. H.
Goudie, Mr. F. W.
Goudie, Mr. K. W.
Grant, Miss P. N.
Grave, Mr. C.
Grave, Mrs.
Gray, Mr. I. J. H.
Gray, Miss M.
Gross, Mr. D. L.
Gross, Mrs.
Gross, Master R. D.

Hale, Mrs. V. F.
Hancock, Mrs. E.
Harrop, Mr. D. N.
Harte, Dr. A. H. W.
Harte, Mrs.
Harte, Master R. N.
Harte, Miss M. C.
Harvard, Mr. L. J.
Harvard, Mrs.
Hatch, Mr. J.
Hatch, Mrs.
Havard, Mrs. V. W.
Hayes, Mr. T.
Hayes, Mrs.
Herring, Mr. N.
Herring, Mrs.
Herring, Master N.
Higgins, Miss A. I.
Higson, Mr. J. E. M.
Higson, Mrs.
Higson, Miss J. A.


Called at Pitcairn Island on 4th August 1951