1938 – December – Remuera

Note: This date may be incorrect. The only date in my scans of the passenger list is in a small advertisement at the end of the listing: “Visit the British Industries Fair in London and Birmingham from the 20th February, 1939, to 3rd March, 1939.”


Back Row Standing: R. D. Apsimon (Fourth Engineer), J. McKenzie (Third Engineer), T. S. Crossley (Fourth Officer), J. V. Stockman (Radio Officer), A. A. Cook (Chief Ref. Eng.), T. E. Leaver (Steward-in-Charge).
Front Row Seated: F. J. Jones (Third Officer), T. M. Devitt (Second Officer), H. M. Knight (Chief Officer), F. W. Robinson (Captain), H. M. Liscombe (Chief Engineer), W. Green (Second Engineer), R. S. Taylor (Surgeon).



Alison, Miss J. M.

Bennett, Mr. L. D.
Berkeley, Mr. S. S. H.
Blaney, Mrs. A.
Blomfield, Miss I. S.
Bonnema, Mr. B.
Bonnema, Mrs.
Bonnema, Master T.
Bonnema, Miss A.
Brash, Mr. A. A.

Carver, Mr. E. C.

Dickson, Mrs. D. P.
Dowie, Miss J. W. H.

Fanshawe, Comdr. A. B., R.N.

Harrison, Mr. S.
Harrison, Mrs.
Hill, Miss E. I.
Hindmarsh, Mr. G.
Horn, Mr. J. T., R.N.
Hudson, Mrs. C.

Jeffares, Mrs. A. M.

Keell, Mr. A. C.
Keell, Mrs.

Lauder, Mr. G.
Lauder, Mrs.

Milne, Miss H. C.
Mitchinson, Miss E.
Morgan, Mr. J. L.

Newton, Mr. L. W.

Price, Miss E.

Sachs, Miss R.
Sardeman, Miss V.
Spritzer, Mr. W.
Spritzer, Mrs.

Turner, Miss E.
Tyson, Mrs. A.

Williams, Mrs. H.
Williams, Miss H. D.
Wright, Mr. E. W.


Alexander, Miss M. A.
Andrews, Mr. T. A.
Arblaster, Mr. E.
Arblaster, Mrs.
Arblaster, Mr. J.
Arblaster, Miss G.
Atkinson, Miss A.

Baikie, Mr. G.
Bannister, Miss M. C.
Barber, Mrs. A.
Benson, Mr. G. J.
Blacklaws, Mrs. G. H.
Bruce, Mr. A. D.

Clifft, Mr. B. H.
Clifft, Mrs.
Cocks, Mr. E.
Colven, Mr. T., R.N.
Congdon, Mr. A. E.
Connolly, Mr. C.
Cullen, Mr. G. H.

Davidson, Mrs. M. I.
Day, Mr. W. H.

Foster, Mrs. E.

Gaillard, Miss A. F.
Gaillard, Miss M. J.
Graham, Mr. J. L.
Guest, Mr. W.
Guest, Mrs.

Hardwick, Mrs. V.
Hardwick, Miss M. C.
Hebditch, Mr. A. Q.
Hobson, Mrs. E. M.
Hobson, Miss M. E.
Hurst, Rev. W. E. W.
Hurst, Mr. T. W. N.

Ireland, Mr. T.

Jenner, Mrs. I.
Jones, Mr. F. G.
Jones, Mrs.

Leash, Mr. A. D.
Low, Mrs. K.

Mackay, Mrs. M.
Mackintosh, Mr. W. D.
Maclean, Miss H. E.
Major, Mr. F. G.
Major, Mrs.
McDonald, Miss M.
McHugh, Mr. P.
McVicar, Mrs. M. G.
Money, Mr. M.
Murray, Mr. P.

Nicholls, Mr. G. H.
Nicholls, Mrs.
Nicholls, Mr. R. W.
Nicholls, Mrs.
Nightingale, Mrs. M. E.

O’Sullivan, Mrs. K.
Otterburn, Miss F. B. E.

Robb, Mr. R. W.
Rushworth, Miss L. C.

Sime, Mr. C. M.
Simpson, Mrs. E. F. W.
Simpson, Miss E. A.
Spain, Mrs. A.

Tanzer, Mr. W.
Thomas, Mr. J. H.
Thomas, Mrs.
Tibble, Mr. J. A.
Tibble, Mrs.
Turnbull, Mr. J.
Turnbull, Mrs.
Turnbull, Mr. L.
Turnbull, Miss J.
Twigley, Miss J. W.

Van Der Sprenkel, Mr. R. B.
Van Der Sprenkel, Mrs.
Varnham, Mr. H. E.

Whitworth, Mr. S.
Wilton, Miss E. I.

Zenker, Mr. A.

Called at Pitcairn Island on 3rd January 1939