1938 – 22nd August – Remuera

From London, UK to Wellington, New Zealand via Curaçao and Panama Canal


Back Row, Standing:

R. D. Apsimon, Fourth Engineer
J. McKenzie, Third Engineer
T. S. Crossley, Fourth Officer
J. V. Stockman, Radio Officer
A. A. Cook, Chief Ref. Eng.
T. E. Leaver, Steward-in-Charge

Front Row, Seated:

F. J. Jones, Third Officer
T. M. Devitt R.N.R., Second Officer
H. M. Knight, Chief Officer
F. W. Robinson, Captain
H. M. Liscombe, Chief Engineer
W. Green, Second Engineer
R. S. Taylor, O.B.E., M.D., D.P.H., Surgeon



Alison, Miss J. M.
Bennett, Mr. L. D.
Berkeley, Mr. S. S. H.
Blaney, Mrs. A.
Blomfield, Miss I. S.
Bonnema, Mr. B.
Bonnema, Mrs.
Bonnema, Master T.
Bonnema, Miss A.
Brash, Mr. A. A.
Carver, Mr. E. C.
Dickson, Mrs. D. P.
Dowie, Miss J. W. H.
Fanshawe, Comdr. A. B., R.N.
Harrison, Mr. S.
Harrison, Mrs.
Hill, Miss E. I.
Hindmarsh, Mr. G.
Horn, Mr. J. T., R.N.
Hudson, Mrs. C.
Jeffares, Mrs. A. M.
Keell, Mr. A. C.
Keell, Mrs.
Lauder, Mr. G.
Lauder, Mrs.
Milne, Miss H. C.
Mitchison, Miss E.
Morgan, Mr. J. L.
Newton, Mr. L. W.
Price, Miss E.
Sachs, Miss R.
Sardeman, Miss V.
Spritzer, Mr. W.
Spritzer, Mrs.
Turner, Miss E.
Tyson, Mrs. A.
Williams, Mrs. H.
Williams, Miss H. D.
Wright, Mr. E. W.


Remuera-Title-PageTOURIST CLASS

Alexander, Miss M. A.
Andrews, Mr. T. A.
Arblaster, Mr. E.
Arblaster, Mrs.
Arblaster, Mr. J.
Arblaster, Miss G.
Atkinson, Miss A.
Baikie, Mr. G.
Bannister, Miss M. C.
Barber, Mrs. A.
Benson, Mr. G. J.
Blacklaws, Mrs. G. H.
Bruce, Mr. A. D.
Clifft, Mr. B. H.
Clifft, Mrs.
Cocks, Mr. E.
Colven, Mr. T., R.N.
Congdon, Mr. A. E.
Connolly, Mr. C.
Cullen, Mr. G. H.
Davidson, Mrs. M. I.
Day, Mr. W. H.
Foster, Mrs. E.
Gaillard, Miss A. F.
Gaillard, Miss M. J.
Graham, Mr. J. L.
Guest, Mr. W.
Guest, Mrs.
Hardwick, Mrs. V.
Hardwick, Miss M. C.
Hebditch, Mr. A. Q.
Hobson, Mrs. E. M.
Hobson, Miss M. E.
Hurst, Rev. W. E. W.
Hurst, Mr. T. W. N.
Ireland, Mr. T.
Jenner, Mrs. I.
Jones, Mr. F. G.
Jones, Mrs.
Leash, Mr. A. D.
Low, Mrs. K.
RemueraMackay, Mrs. M.
Mackintosh, Mr. W. D.
Maclean, Miss H. E.
Major, Mr. F. G.
Major, Mrs.
McDonald, Miss M.
McHugh, Mr. P.
McVicar, Mrs. M. G.
Mogey, Mr. M.
Murray, Mr. P.
Nicholls, Mr. G. H.
Nicholls, Mrs.
Nicholls, Mr. R. W.
Nicholls, Mrs.
Nightingale, Mrs. M. E.
O’Sullivan, Mrs. K.
Otterburn, Miss F. B. E.
Robb, Mr. R. W.
Rushworth, Miss L. C.
Sime, Mr. C. M.
Simpson, Mrs. E. F. W.
Simpson, Miss E. A.
Spain, Mrs. A.
Tanzer, Mr. W.
Thomas, Mr. J. H.
Thomas, Mrs.
Tibble, Mr. J. A.
Tibble, Mrs.
Turnbull, Mr. J.
Turnbull, Mrs.
Turnbull, Mr. L.
Turnbull, Miss J.
Twigley, Miss J. W.
Van der Sprenkel, Mr. R. B.
Van der Sprenkel, Mrs.
Varnham, Mr. H. E.
Whitworth, Mr. S.
Wilton, Miss E. I.
Zenker, Mr. A.


The following announcement was printed at the end of the listing:

The New Zealand Shipping Company announce that they are now issuing Round Voyage Tickets – out and home in the same ship – which entitle passengers to remain on board the vessel on the New Zealand coast. Round Fares – First class from £155, Cabin class from £122.

Called at Pitcairn Island on 18th September 1938