1938 – 19th November – Rangitiki

From Napier, New Zealand to London, UK via Panama Canal

Rangitiki-1938-crew-pictureRANGITIKI CREW PHOTOGRAPH

Back row, standing:

J. M. Colwell, Fourth Engineer
J. Cowper, Third Engineer
I. B. Rose, Fourth Officer
L. V. Horn, Radio Officer
A. Young, Chief Ref. Eng.
R. Swift, Steward-in-Charge

Front Row Seated:

J. D. Bennett, Third Officer
L. W. Fulcher, Second Officer
H. S. Cashmore R.N.R., Chief Officer
H. Barnett, Commander
M. Bearpark, Chief Engineer
W. P. Fell, Second Engineer
J. R. MacNeill, M.D., F.R.C.S., Surgeon



Ballard, Miss A. S. E.
Macewan, Mr. I. A.
Macewan, Mrs. J. B.


Embarked At Panama

Hemmings, Mr. H.



Alexander, Mr. G. K
Appleton, Mr. H . G. F.

Bell, Mr. B. E.
Bennett, Mrs. I. G.
Bennett, Miss B. W.
Brodie, Mr. P. G.
Byers, Miss J.

Rangitiki-1938-title-pageCarmichael, Mrs. J. F. V.
Crawford, Mr. G. G.

Dixon, Mrs. H. M.

Engstrom, Mr. V. G .

Gilmer, Mr. J. M.

Harkness, Mr. D. J .
Hogg, Mr. R. J. K.
Humphreys, Mr. J. S.

Isherwood, Mr. H.

Johnston, Mr. J. A.

Kingsbury, Mr. L. C.

Livingston, Mr. J. A.

Maldens, Mr. N. W.
Mowat, Mr. N. J.

Ollerenshaw, Mr. A. C.

Ryan, Mr. L. T. J.

Starky, Mr. D. B.
Stowell, Mr. P. V.

Talbot, Mr. R.
Tattersall, Miss S.

Yickers, Mr. J. E.
Yickers, Mrs.
Yickers, Master A.

Walders, Mr. N. W.
Whineray, Mrs. L.
Whineray, Miss N.
Whitehead, Mr. A. G.
Wingfield, Miss V. C.
Wylie, Mr. C. R.

Rangitiki-1938-photo-of-shipDisembarked At Panama

Chhoi, Dr. S. C.

Ford, Rev. V. E.
Ford, Mrs.
Ford, Miss V. L.
Ford, Miss I. M.
Ford, Master V.



Ackroyd, Mrs. F.

Baxendale, Mrs. E.
Baxendale, Miss J.

Cox, Mr. A. H. M.

Dyer, Miss B. L.

Martin, Miss M. A.
Mcintosh, Mrs. J.

Russell-Cruise, Miss B.

Seabrook, Mr. W. H.
Sorensen, Mr. E.

Wellington, Mr. J . H.
Wellington, Mrs.
Wellington, Master L. J.
Wellington, Miss V. D.
Wellington, Master R. E.
Watson, Mrs. M.

1 thought on “1938 – 19th November – Rangitiki

  1. Aimee Anderson

    My grandfather (who just turned 98) was an engineer onboard the Rangitiki during the war, when it had been commissioned by the Merchant Navy. He was onboard when the chief engineer M. Bearpark passed away and remembers quite clearly having to place him in the refrigerated area of the ship as they were unable to perform a sea burial. He has copies of records detailing the dates he sailed with the Rangitiki if anyone is interested in seeing them.



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