1937 – 16th March – Rangitiki

From Wellington, New Zealand to London, UK via Panama Canal


See photograph above:

Back Row Standing: W. P. Fell, Second Engineer; J. T. Edgar, Third Engineer; J. Cowper, Fourth Engineer; L. V. Horn, W/T. Operator; A. Young, Chief Ref. Eng.; R. Swift, Steward-in-Charge.

Front Row Seated: E. J. Ormsby, Fourth Officer; P. L. Shakespeare, Second Officer; H. S. Cashmore, Chief Officer; Commander – Captain H. Barnett; M. Bearpark, Chief Engineer; M. Baddeley, Third Officer; J. R. MacNeill M.D., M.B., Surgeon.

This passenger list belonged to Mrs F Wheeler, who was travelling Tourist Class. She wrote her name on the front cover, and also wrote the note on the title page, above, to say that she was going to be travelling back to New Zealand on the Rangitata.

A few of the names below have clickable links to further information about the person.

See also the post about passengers travelling for the Coronation of George VI and Elizabeth.



Adams, Miss F. A.
Andrew, Capt. L. W., V.C.
Armstrong, Mr. A. E.
Armstrong, Mrs.
Armstrong, Miss Z. M.

Barry, Mr. S.
Barry Mrs.
Bell, Mrs. M. F. H.
Bell, Miss M. P.
Bevan, Mr. T. P. M.
Bevan, Mrs.
Bevan, Miss S. P. M.
Bevan, Miss P. E. M.
Bevan, Master M. G. M.
Blundell, Mrs. H. P. F.
Blundell, Miss K. P.
Blundell, Miss B. D.
Borthwick, Mr. W. J. M.
Brigden, Mr. H. J.
Brigden, Mrs.
Brown, Mr. J.
Brown, Mrs.
Burgis, Mrs. M.
Burling, Mrs. S.
Burling, Miss E. A.
Byrne, Brig.-General Sir Joseph, K.C.M.G., K.B.E., C.B.

Carruth, Capt. H. G.
Caughey, Mr. A. L.
Ching, Mr. T. P. B.
Ching, Miss H. D.
Clulow, Mrs. I.
Cole, Mrs. H. M.
Cole, Miss E. G.
Cole, Miss I. D.
Collins, Mrs. M. A. G.

Davidson, Mrs. L. B.
Dupin, Mr. J. H.
Dupin, Mrs.

Edmondson, Mr. F. H.
Elsby, Mr. L. F.
Elsby, Mrs.
Elsby, Master J. M.
Elsby, Miss P. M.
Elworthy, Mrs. G. M. G.
Elworth, Miss E. C.

Fenwick, Mrs. K. A.
Feakes, Rear-Admiral H.
Feakes, Mrs.
Ferguson, Mr. W. D.
Ferguson, Mrs.
Frickleton, Capt. S., V.C.

Gould, Mrs. G.
Gould, Miss H. B.
Gowlland, Mrs. M. R.
Gowlland, Miss J.
Gowlland, Miss W.
Grigg, Flying Officer D. E.
Gubbins, Mrs. A. M.
Gubbins, Miss E. M.

Haddow, Lieut. R. W.
Hamilton, Miss R.
Hannah, Major R. W.
Hawkins, Miss I. S.
Hayes, Mrs. E.
Herbert, Miss A. M.
Higgins, Mr. W.
Higgins, Mrs.
Higgins, Miss M. D.
Higgins, Miss J.
Hindson, Mrs. A. B.
Hobbs, Mr. W.
Holdsworth, Mr. B. J.
Holdsworth, Mrs.
Holmes, Mrs. S. E. M.
Hopkinson, Sir Frederick, K.B.E.
Hopkinson, Lady

Jackson, Mr. T.
Jackson, Mrs.
Jennings, Mr. T. N. G.
Jennings, Mrs.
Jennings, Miss E. G.
Johnston, Mrs. M. E. G.
Johnston, Miss M. I.

Kay, Mr. J. D.
Kay, Mrs.

Leach, Mr. T.
Leckie, Major D. F.

Madden, Mrs. S. A.
Makgill, Miss M. I.
Meakin, Mr. J.
Meakin, Mrs.
Milburn, Mrs. E. J.
Mitchell, Miss R.
Mitchell, Miss M.
Mullins, Mrs. B. E.
McLean, Mrs. A.
McGowan, Mr. J.
McGowan, Mrs.
McLeish, Major R. S.
McLeish, Mrs.

Nuffield, The Rt. Hon. Lord, O.B.E., D.C.L.

Oliver, Mrs. E.
Ormerod, Mrs. L. A.
Ormerod, Miss J. S.

Pattrick, Mrs. E., M.B.E.
Power, Mr. F. D.

Reed, Mrs. E. C.
Rodger, Miss R.

Simon, Mrs. D. H.
Smith, Sir Harry
Stewart, Mr. G. A.
Stewart, Mrs.
Sweetzer, Lieut. D.

Taylor-Young, Lt.-Col. H. C.
Taylor-Young, Mrs.
Tennent, Lieut. A. A.
Thomson, Mr. J. B.
Tilburn, Mr. C.
Todd, Mr. H. M.
Todd, Mrs.

Upton, Mrs. T. E. C.
Urquhart, Miss A. M.
Urguhart, Miss A. H.

Weir, Major, N. W. McD.
Williams, Miss C.


Addinell, Miss A. I.
Addinell, Miss M.
Aitken, Miss J. A. G.
Appleton, Miss E.
Astley, Mr. W.

Badcock, Mr. F. T.
Baird, Mr. D.
Baird, Mrs.
Baker, Miss C. K.
Bassett, Mrs. M. A.
Brenchley, Mr. E. W.
Brenchley, Mrs.
Brittain, Miss E. H.
Bluck, Mrs. J. F.
Bluck, Miss G. N.
Bluck, Master N.
Bridge, Mrs. R. M.
Brooks, Mrs. C.

Campbell, Miss M. A.
Carswell, Miss M. S.
Chalmers, Miss E. J.
Clarke, Mrs. L.
Collins, Mr. A. D.
Collins, Mrs.
Collins, Master M. W. D.
Collins, Master P. J.
Collins, Miss E. J.
Crichton, Mr. J., V.C.

Day, Mrs. I. T.
Doublas, Mr. W. V.
Dowd, Mrs. F.

Entrican, Miss E. J.
Everard, Mr. H. N.
Everard, Mrs.

Findlay, Miss E. E.
Fowler, Mr. W. T.
Frater, Mr. G. W.

Gladstone, Mrs. M. C. M.
Gladstone, Mast. J. N. R.
Gladstone, Master W. D.
Godfrey, Mr. L. M.

Hampton, Mr. R.
Hampton, Mrs.
Harding, Mrs. S. L.
Heather, Mrs. D. R.
Hein, Mrs. M. S.
Hobson, Mrs. M.

Jerrat, Mr. C. W.
Jerrat, Mrs.

Keeling, Miss J. E.
Kilpatrick, Mr. J.

Longden, Mr. E.

Mackay, Mrs. E. S.
Mackay, Miss J. R.
Mackay, Master H.
Malcolm, Mr. R.
Marshall, Mr. R. F.
Marshall, Mrs.
Marshall, Miss P.
Marquet, Mrs. C. L.
Marquet, Miss E.
Middleton, Miss E.
Millar, Mrs. E.
Mortimer-Jones, Rev. Canon C.
Musk, Mrs. C. A.
MacPhail, Mr. I.
McShane, Mr. D. S.
McShane, Mrs.
McDougall, Mrs. J.
McDougall, Master L. M.
McMullan, Mr. J.

Neagle, Miss C. G. D.

Patterson, Mrs. E.
Patterson, Miss N. E. B.
Pitt, Mrs. M. B.
Pitt, Miss F. D.
Pride, Mrs. M. H.

Redding, Mrs. K.
Renny, Mrs. A.
Rice, Miss M.
Roberts, Mrs. C. M.
Ryburn, Mrs. M. W.

Sedgley, Mr. E. R.
Shorrock, Mr. J.
Simcox, Mr. F. S.
Simcox, Mrs.
Small, Miss L. G.
Smith, Mrs. H.
Smith, Mr. M.
Smith, Mrs.
Steen, Mrs. V.
Stephenson, Mrs. A. M.
Stichbury, Mr. L. R.
Stigant, Mr. R. A.
Swabey, Miss M. O.

Tarry, Miss M. E. H.
Taylor, Mrs. M. A.
Thompson, Mr. J. P.
Thomson, Miss M.
Trott, Mrs. P. M.
Turner, Miss A. M.

Upton, Mr. J. P.

Vincent, Mrs. A. E.
Vincent, Miss S. A.

Wade, Mr. J.
Wade, Mrs.
Wagstaff, Miss G. K.
Wallace, Miss C. S.
Ward, Miss L. G.
Warren, Mr. J. E.
Wells, Mr. W.
West, Mr. C. S.
West, Mrs.
Wheeler, Mrs. F.
Williams, Mr. H. G.
Winstone, Mr. B. R.
Winstone, Miss H. M.
Winstone, Miss P. G. J.
Winstone, Miss B. A.
Wood, Rev. Father J. D.
Wright, Mr. G. V.
Wright, Mrs.

Yates, Mr. B.
Yates, Mrs.
Young, Mrs. J. M.
Yule, Miss H.


Adams, Miss A.
Aldcroft, Mr. N. K.
Attrill, Mr. J.
Attrill, Mrs.

Bambridge, Miss E. E.
Batho, Mrs. E. R. P.
Barrow, Mrs. H. J.
Bayliss, Mrs. A. A.
Blythe, Mr. H.
Boyd, Mr. J. A.
Boulton, Mr. A. H.
Bregmen, Mr. L. H.
Brown, Mr. T. J.
Brown, Mrs.
Buckingham, Miss I. E.
Butler, Miss M. M.

Clarke, Mrs. G. M.
Crabb, Mrs. A.
Craighead, Mrs. G.
Graighead, Miss A. I.
Craighead, Master G. O. A.
Calgher, Mr. H. J.
Carter, Mr. C. W.
Cerny, Mr. R.
Clarke, Mrs. E.
Compton, Mr. S. G.
Coles, Mr. C. A.
Coles, Mrs.
Cox, Mrs. M. N.
Cox, Miss M.
Cropley, Master J.
Crossley, Mr. W. E.
Crossley, Mrs.
Cross, Mr. R. L.

Davis, Mr. H. F.
Dean, Miss H.
Dean, Miss R.
Doig, Mrs. S. T.
Doig, Miss J. M.

Eastgate, Mr. W. J.
Ellis, Mr. W. G.

Foley, Mr. R. G.
Fowle, Mrs. E. M.
Fowle, Miss J. M.
Fisher, Mr. J.
Fisher, Mrs.

Gainsford, Mr. C. P.
Gainsford, Mrs.
Gall, Mr. W. S.
Gall, Mr. J.
Garnett, Mr. J.
Garnett, Mrs.
Garnett, Mr. W. A.
Garvin, Mr. T. S.
Geddes, Mrs. F.
Geddes, Miss N. F.
Gemmell, Mr. S. W.
Gibbs, Mr. I. B.
Grant, Mr. W. G.
Gregory, Mr. G. R. E.
Gregory, Mrs.
Grigg, Mrs. N. B.
Grigg, Miss M. D.
Gubb, Mrs. S. E.
Gutridge, Miss M. J.

Hailwood, Mrs. M.
Hanley, Mr. M.
Harris, Mr. E. W.
Harris, Mr. H. J.
Harrison, Mrs. E.
Harrison, Miss E. P.
Harrison, Master R. L.
Heiford, Mr. H. R.
Hesketh, Mrs. A.
Hill, Mr. J.
Hill, Mrs.
Hoare, Mr. G. T.
Hodge, Mr. J. G.
Houghton, Mrs. O.
Howarth, Mrs. A. L.
Hutchison, Mrs. J. M.
Hulse, Mrs. R.
Hulse, Master A. H.
Hulse, Miss A.
Hunter, Mr. R.

Ireland, Mr. E. D.
Ireland, Mrs.
Ireland, Miss M. H.
Ireland, Miss F. I.
Ireland, Miss J.
Ireland, Master C. R.
Ireland, Master E. D.
Ireland, Master D. B.

James, Mr. C.
Jordan, Mrs. A.

Kerridge, Miss M. D.
Kul, Mr. N. O.

Lepper, Mr. R.
Levi, Mrs. H. E.
Luke, Mrs. E. M.
Luke, Miss M.
Lysnar, Mr. H. D.

Male, Mrs. M.
Male, Miss F. J.
Maslen, Mrs. A. M.
Mason, Miss S. I.
Mason, Master A. P.
Mather, Mr. D. W.
Matthews, Mr. R.
Miles, Mr. R.
Mitchell, Mr. F. E.
Murray, Mr. K. J.
Musaeus, Mr. H.
McGuigan, Mr. J.
McGregor, Mr. A. G.
McLaren, Mr. S. R.

Nutt, Mr. A. H. C.

Parkinson, Mr. G. J.
Parsons, Mr. G. A.
Potter, Mrs. K. B.
Potter, Master M. H.
Presley, Mr. R. W.
Prior, Mrs. B. L.

Richardson, Mrs. A. M.
Rothwell, Mrs. A.
Rainford, Mrs. B.
Rainford, Master A.
Reid, Miss C.
Richards, Mrs. C. E.

Salt, Mrs. T. E. M.
Sarney, Mr. N. W.
Scarlett, Mr. J. H.
Scarlett, Mrs.
Stansfield, Mrs. S. E.
Steele, Mr. S.
Summers, Mrs. F. A.

Tannahill, Mr. A.
Tannahill, Mrs.
Tannahill, Miss E. M.
Tannahill, Mr. J.
Tapp, Mr. R.
Taylor, Mrs. E.
Tirikatene, Mr. E. T.
Tomlyn, Mrs. J.
Trotman, Mr. W.
Trotter, Mr. T. J.
Trotter, Mrs.
Trotter, Miss C. R.
Tuer, Mr. V. A.
Twiss, Mr. F.

Walters, Mr. M. D.
Ward, Mr. W.
Watson, Mr. D. O.
Westlake, Mr. E. J.
Whitham, Mrs. G.
Whitham, Master L.
Wilson, Mr. A. C.
Wilson, Mrs.
Wilson, Miss M. R.
Wilson, Miss H. C.
Wilson, Miss M. C.
Wilson, Mr. A. C.
Wilson, Master J. G.
Wickliffe, Mr. D.
Wood, Mr. F.

Young, Mr. J.