1935 – 22nd August – Remuera

From London, UK to Auckland, New Zealand, via Curaçao and Panama Canal

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This passenger list has been reproduced with the kind permission of Garry Law – http://www.lawas.co.nz/info/remuera/index.htm

Garry Law has made the following observation on his website: The passenger list includes George Bolt, pioneer aviator, and Sir Harold Beauchamp, father of Katherine Mansfield, the pen name of Kathleen Beauchamp, born near Wellington in 1888, third daughter of Annie (Dyer) and Hal (later Sir Harold) Beauchamp. Another notable on the voyage is L. D. Austin who was a musician.


Commander: F. W. Robinson
Chief Officer: F. E. Tether
Second Officer: R. L. Warren
Third Officer: A. Brown, R.N.R.
Fourth Officer: R. S. Frost, R.N.R.
Surgeon: G. S. Applegate, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.
Chief Engineer: H. M. Liscombe
Steward-in-Charge: E. P. Colmar



Allan, Miss E.
Anderson, Mrs. R. A.
Anderson, Master J. A.
Armstrong, Miss A. H.

Beauchamp, Sir Harold
Beaufort, Rev. J. M.
Bolt, Flt.-Lt. G. B.
Butler, Mr. T.

Chandler, Capt. G. M.
Chandler, Mrs.
Chandler, Master H. M.
Chinchen, Mrs. H. M.
Christian, Mrs. H.
Crawford, Mrs. A. D.
Crawford, Miss E. F. J.
Cross, Mr. F. G., F.R.C.S.
Cross, Mrs.

Faithfull, Mrs. J. A.
Faithfull, Miss H. M.

Gaye, Mr. J. C.
Gladstone, Mrs. M. C. M.
Gladstone, Mastert J. N. R.
Gladstone, Master W.
Greenslade, Mr. C. M’cl.

Hamilton, Mr. G. I.
Hamilton, Mrs.
Head, Lt.-Comdr. J. S., R.N.
Head, Mrs.
Head, Master D. D’E.
Head, Master G. J. F.
Higginson, Mr. M. W.
Higginson, Mrs.

McLeod, Mr. R. H.

Naylor, Mr. C.
Newmarsh, Mrs. M.

O’Brien, Mr. E. R. R.
O’Brien, Mrs. M. V.

Pollok, Mr. A. P.
Pollok, Mrs.
Pride, Mrs. M. H.
Pryor, Mrs. F.

Remington, Mr. H. R.
Rodger, Mrs. M. D.
Ross, Mr. J. Sutherland
Ross, Mrs.
Ross, Miss R. S.
Ross, Mr. D. I.
Ross, Miss M. M.

Sargood, Mrs. L. M.
Scannell, Mr. D. F.
Smith, Major G. M.
Spiers, Mr. J.

Tinsley, Mr. J.

Voelcker, Mrs. J. McC.

Wallis, Mrs. M. E. J.
Whitelaw, Mr. O. A. L.
Whitelaw, Mrs.
Woodroffe, Mr. W. D.


Arthur, Mr. J. McG.
Arthur, Mrs.
Arthur, Master J.
Austin, Mr. L. D.

Bain, Mr. D. McK.
Bain, Mrs.
Bain, Mr. S. D.
Bain, Miss R.
Barbour, Mr. J. H.
Barbour, Mrs.
Barbour, Miss M. A.
Barbour, Master R. S.
Barrowman, Mrs. M. S. M.
Barrowman, Miss C. A.
Belton, Mr. F. W. J.
Bennett, Mrs. M.
Beveridge, Mrs. C.
Black, Mrs. M.
Black, Miss M. E.
Bryan, Mrs. J. E.
Bryan, Miss B. L.

Casey, Mr. A. L.
Caulfield, Mrs. M.
Clarke, Mr. J. A.
Clynes, Miss B.
Cole, Mr. H. G.
Crease, Mr. J. H.
Crease, Mrs.
Crease, Miss D.
Crease, Miss K.
Cross, Mrs. M.
Cross, Mr. S.

Dickenson, Mr. A.
Dolezalova, Miss A.
Duncan, Mr. J.

Ellacott, Mr. V. J.
Ellacott, Mrs.

Fearon, Miss D. E.
Fearon, Mr. S. P.
Fenwick, Mr. J.
Fenwick, Mrs.
Froger, Mrs. F.
Froger, Miss G.
Froger, Master M.

Gilmer, Miss P. D. H.
Grantham, Mr. T. E.

Hamlin, Mr. R. H. J.
Hartley, Mr. A.
Hatch, Mr. R.
Hatch, Master C. R.
Hatch, Master E. J.
Hatwell, Mrs. S. M.
Hatwell, Master P.
Hayes, Mr. F.
Hewetson, Mr. T.
Hillyar, Mr. H. R.
Hoffman, Mr. R.
Hoffman, Mrs.
Hoffman, Mr. W. T.
Hoffman, Master R. K.
Hogan, Mr. J. S.
Houghton, Miss J. L.
Hulse, Mrs. V. I.
Hulse, Master A. H.
Hulse, Miss A. V.

Ings, Mrs. S. A.

Jennings, Miss M. A.

Kimbell, Miss B. C.
Knocker, Mrs. P.

Lilley, Mrs. N. R.
Lipplatt, Mr. A. J. R.N.
Lipplatt, Mrs.

Macdonald, Mr. G.
MacLean, Mr. J.
McCammon, Miss E.
McCammon, Miss S.
Milne, Mr. I. K. McK.
Milne, Mrs.
Moffitt, Mr. E.

Oliver, Mr. W.
Oliver, Mrs.
Oliver, Miss L. R.
Oliver, Master D. J.

Peacock, Mr. R. A. R.N.
Pitcher, Mr. R. M.
Pitcher, Mr. W. M.
Ponsonby, Miss J. C.
Pratt, Mr. C. D.

Riddell, Mr. H. J.
Riddell, Mrs.
Ritchie, Mrs. C.
Robertson, Mr. A.
Rockberg, Mr. A.
Rolfe, Mrs. F. A.
Rolfe, Master J. H.

Saunders, Mr. J.
Seath, Mr. J.
Sharpe, Mrs. A.
Sheard, Mr. S. E.
Sherwin, Miss K. D.
Simpson, Miss M. E.
Simpson, Miss M.
Spencer, Mrs. N. R. J.
Stevenson, Mr. E. G.
Sturt, Miss M. T.
Sutherland, Mrs. D.

Tibbles, Miss C.
Thompson, Mrs. E. L.
Thomson, Mrs. M.
Torkington, Mrs. E. H. F.
Tucker, Mrs. K. I.

Van Burkom, Miss P. E. W.
Van Unen-Jobse, Mrs. J. C.
Van Unen, Master A.
Van Unen, Miss J. C.
Vicary, Miss E. M.

Walter, Mr. J. O.
Warring, Miss S. A.
Wells, Mr. J. L.
Wells, Mrs.
White, Miss M. A.
White, Mr. F. J.
White, Mrs.
White, Mr. E. N.
White, Miss W. A. C.
White, Miss J. E. C.
White, Miss M. A. C.
Whyte, Mr. J.
Whyte, Miss J. M.
Wilson, Mr. R.
Wyllie, Mrs. M. G.
Wyllie, Miss M. A.

Interesting note from end of passenger list:

The New Zealand Shipping Company announce that they are now issuing Round Voyage Tickets – out and home in the same ship – which entitle passengers to remain on board the vessel on the New Zealand coast. Round Fares – First class from £140, Cabin class from £112.

Called at Pitcairn Island on 15th September 1935