1931 – 13th March – Remuera

From Southampton, UK to Wellington & Lyttelton, New Zealand, via Panama Canal

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This passenger list has been reproduced with the kind permission of Garry Law – http://www.lawas.co.nz/info/remuera/index.htm – whose father, Robert Law, and his two brothers, James and William, emigrated from Glasgow to join their maternal uncle in Wellington following the death of their mother.


Commander: H. J. Wilde
Chief Officer: A. J. Angill
Second Officer: G. C. Saul, R.N.R.
Third Officer: H. N. Lawson, R.N.R.
Fourth Officer: J. R. Vincent
Surgeon: F. Anderson, (text not clear)
Chief Engineer: H. M. Liscombe
Steward-in-Charge: I. Brain



Bain, Mr. J. A.
Bain, Mrs.
Bain, Miss V. A.

Fox, Mrs. C. B.

Gardiner, Rev. S. R.
Gardiner, Miss E. M.

Kent, Mr. W. H.

Musson, Mr. E.

Orr, Miss M.

Parr, Hon. Sir James K.C.M.G. (Link 1) (Link 2)

Wilde, Mrs. R. C.


Benham, Prof. W. B. (Link)

Dobson, Mrs. R.
Dobson, Miss E.
Duckworth, Mr. L.

Gudgin, Mr. A.

Hayter, Mrs. A.

Jackman, Mr. L.
Jackman, Mrs.

Spencer-Smith, Miss J.


Battes, Mr. F.
Bevington, Miss F.
Biggs, Mr. J. L.
Bourke, Mrs. E.
Bourke, Miss E.
Brain, Mr. H. B.
Bruce, Miss S. J.

Coppard, Mrs. M.
Coppard, Master G.

Friedrich, Mrs. N. L.

Gaston, Mr. R.
Glancy, Mr. J. T.
Glancy, Mrs.

Hughes, Mr. G. F. L.
Hutchinson, Mr. R.
Hutchison, Mr. A. D.
Hutchison, Mrs.
Hutchison, Mast. J. S.
Hutchison, Mast. A. D.

Lack, Mr. S.
Law, Mr. J.
Law, Mr. R.
Law, Mr. W.
Lindsay, Mr. J. C.

McQuirk, Mr. E.
Moore, Mr. C. F.

Nelson, Mr. F. H.

Penny, Mr. G. A.
Perrett, Mr. G. H.

Rhodes, Miss M.
Roe, Mr. J.

Sartori, Mr. A. P.
Shotton, Miss A.
Simons, Mr. R. P.
Smith, Mrs. A. E.

Ward, Mr. R. H.

Called at Pitcairn Island on 24th March 1931