1926 – 17th July – Rimutaka

From Southampton, UK, to Wellington and Lyttelton

Rimutaka-Jul-1926-CoverSOME OF THE RIMUTAKA CREW

Captain: F. A. Hemming
Chief Officer: H. A. Fryer
Second Officer: D. Hughes
Third Officer: G. C. Saul
Fourth Officer: H. Vernon, R.N.R.
Surgeon: G. M. Cooper, M.B., CH.B.
Chief Engineer: C. L. Hughes
Steward-in-Charge: W. C. James


Adams, Mr. H.
Allan, Mr. J.
Allen, Mr. J.
Anderson, Mr. J.
Anderson, Mrs. M.
Anderson, Miss M.
Arkless, Mr. R.
Arkless, Mrs.
Arkless, Mast. A.
Armstrong, Mr. W.
Arnott, Mrs. L.
Arnott, Mast. E.
Arnott, Miss D.
Arthur, Mrs. C.
Arthur, Miss I.
Atkinson, Mr. H.*
Ayles, Mr. H.
Ayles, Mrs.
Ayles, Mast. D.
Rimutaka-Jul-1926-TitlePageBailie, Mr. J.
Bell, Mr. G.
Bell, Mrs.
Bell, Miss A.
Bell, Miss M.
Bell, Miss M.
Bell, Mr. T.
Bell, Mast. G.
Bell, Mast. W.
Bell, Mast. J.
Birchall, Mr. F.
Bland, Mr. B.
Bland, Mrs.
Bolton, Miss I.
Bolton, Mr. S.
Bonner, Mr. H. F.
Bonner, Mr. A. (Jr.)
Bonner, Mrs.
Bonner, Mast. V.
Boyd, Mr. D.
Boughtwood, Mr. H.
Boughtwood, Mrs.
Braines, Mrs. M.
Braines, Miss C.
Bringloe, Mr. D.*
Brown, Mr. H.
Brown, Mr. R.
Brown, Mr. T.
Burke, Mr. A.
Byrne, Mr. J.
Rimutaka-Jul-1926-MapCaird, Mr. A.
Calder, Mr. R.
Cameron, Mr. M.
Chambers, Mr. W.
Chambers, Mrs.
Chambers, Miss M.
Chambers, Miss D.
Chambers, Mast. J.
Clapp, Mr. C.*
Clarke, Mr. J.
Clarke, Mrs.
Clarke, Mast. J.
Clarke, Mr. J.
Clarke, Mrs.
Clarke, Miss M.
Clarke, Miss J.
Clarke, Mr. A.
Clarke, Miss E.
Combridge, Mr. P.
Compston, Mr. J.
Conroy, Mr. M.
Conway, Mr. A.
Cook, Mr. J.
Cook, Mrs.
Cook, Mast. W.
Cook, Miss I.
Cook, Mast. T.
Coulson, Mr. D.
Cox, Mr. C.
Cox, Miss B.
Crawford, Mr. J.
Cregan, Mr. W.
Cruickshank, Mr. J.
Cruickshank, Mrs.
Cunningham, Miss L.
Curry, Mr. J.
Curry, Mrs.
Curry, Mast. R.
Dainty, Mr. G.
Dainty, Mrs.
Dainty, Mast. R.
Darragh, Mr. J.
Davidson, Mr. J.
Davidson, Mrs.
Davidson, Miss C.
Davidson, Miss M.
Davidson, Mast. R.
Davicson, Mast. J.
Davidson, Miss M.
Davison, Mr. A.
Dawn, Mr. J.
Dickson, Mr. T.
Dixon, Mr. G.
Duddy, Mr. R.
Dunkley, Mr. R.*
Dunne, Mr. M.
Emerson, Mr. A.
Emslie, Mr. J.
Evans, Mrs. I.
Everson, Mr. R.
Everson, Mrs.
Everson, Miss T.
Findlay, Mr. J.
Firmin, Mr. J.*
Fleetwood, Mrs. L.
Fleetwood, Mr. C.
Fleming, Mr. G.
Fleming, Mr. A.
Ford, Mr. D.*
Fordie, Mr. J.
Fordie, Mrs.
Fordie, Miss B.
Fordie, Mast. J.
Forrest, Mr. R.
Forrest, Mrs.
Forrest, Mast. R.
Forster, Mr. G.*
Foster, Mr. T.
Fountain, Mrs. G.
Fountain, Mr. G.
Fountain, Mr. J.
Fountain, Mr. T.
Fountain, Mr. Geo.
Fountain, Miss M.
Fountain, Miss B.
Fountain, Mast. W.
Fountain, Miss E.
Gardiner, Mr. J.
Garrett, Mr. C.
George, Mr. S.
George, Mrs.
Gillespie, Mr. J.
Gillespie, Mr. D.
Gillman, Mr. R.
Gillman, Mrs.
Gooch, Mr. D.*
Gossage, Mr. B.*
Griffiths, Mrs. A.
Griffiths, Mast. R.
Griffiths, Miss J.
Hall, Mr. A.
Hamilton, Mr. R.
Harron, Mr. A.
Harron, Mr. D.
Hart, Mrs. D.
Hart, Miss V.
Hay, Mr. G.
Henderson, Mr. R.
Henderson, Mrs.
Henderson, Miss M.
Henderson, Mr. W.
Henderson, Mr. G.
Hicks, Mr. R.
Hill, Mr. C.
Hindmarsh, Mr. S.
Holloway, Mr. H.
Holmes, Mr. A.
Hunter, Mr. T.
Hunter, Mrs.
Hutchinson, Mr. J.
Hyde, Mr. T.
Inge, Mr. A.
Isherwood, Mr. C.*
Isherwood, Mr. N.
Isherwood, Mrs.
Jessop, Mr. W.
Jessop, Mrs.
Jones, Mr. R.
Jones, Mr. J.
Kennedy, Mr. H.
Kerr, Mr. H.
Kerr, Mrs.
Kirk, Mr. T.*
Kirk, Mr. P.*
Knox, Mr. J.
Knox, Mr. R.
Leach, Mr. A.
Leech, Mr. A.
Leech, Mrs.
Leeman, Mr. W.
Leeman, Mrs.
Lingard, Miss A.
Louis, Mr. J.
Lynch, Mr. T.
MacDonald, Mr. T.
Maguire, Miss E.
Mallon, Mr. H.
Mason, Mr. H.
McAnena, Mr. A.
McCullagh, Mr. T.
McGovern, Mr. P.
McKenna, Mr. B.
McKinley, Mr. W.
McMahon, Mr. J.
McMahon, Mr. J.
McNeill, Mr. A.
McRobbie, Mr. G.
McRobbie, Mrs.
McTetridge, Mr. T.
Menzies, Mr. G.
Menzies, Mrs.
Menzies, Miss J.
Menzies, Mast. J.
Menzies, Mast. T.
Menzies, Miss M.
Menzies, Mr. W.
Menzies, Mr. J.
Middlewood, Mr. G.
Middlewood, Miss S.
Middlewood, Miss E.
Millard, Mr. H.
Millard, Mrs.
Millard, Mast. H.
Millard, Miss M.
Moir, Mr. R.
Moncrieff, Mrs. H.
Moncrieff, Miss H.
Morris, Mr. J.
Morris, Mrs.
Morris, Mast. D.
Morris, Miss J.
Morris, Mast. K.
Morris, Mast. D.
Muir, Mr. J.
Newbrook, Mrs. W.
Newbrook, Miss I.
Norwood, Mrs. K.
Norwood, Mast. R.
Norwood, Mrs. K.
Norwood, Mast. R. D.
Nunn, Miss I.
Oliver, Mr. G.
Oliver, Mrs.
Oliver, Miss E.
Oliver, Miss W.
Parr, Mr. J.
Parr, Mrs.
Parr, Miss J.
Parr, Miss V.
Parr, Mast. R.
Parr, Mast. F.
Paulin, Mrs. E.
Paulin, Miss M.
Paulin, Mast. F.
Pepper, Mr. John
Pepper, Mr. James
Phillips, Mr. I.
Phillips, Mrs.
Phillips, Miss K.
Phillips, Miss I.
Phillips, Miss L.
Phillips, Miss J.
Phillips, Mast. D.
Phillips, Mr. W.
Phillips, Mr. E.
Phillpotts, Mr. W.
Pollock, Mrs. E.
Pollock, Mast. R.
Porter, Mr. A.
Potter, Mr. A.
Potter, Mrs.
Potter, Mast. D.
Prestwood, Mr. A.
Queen, Mr. J.
Quigley, Mr. P.
Quigley, Mrs.
Quigley, Mast. J.
Quigley, Mast A.
Rendall, Mr. D.
Rennie, Mr. A.
Robertson, Mr. J.
Robertson, Mrs.
Robertson, Miss J.
Robertson, Mr. C.
Robertson, Mast. J.
Robertson, Mast. G.
Robertson, Mr. R.
Robinson, Mr. G.
Robinson, Mr. A.
Robinson, Mrs.
Robinson, Miss K.
Rodan, Mast. A.
Sangwin, Mr. L.*
Schonan, Mr. E.
Scrambler, Mr. T.
Scrivens, Mr. W.
Seal, Mr. A.
Seal, Mrs.
Semple, Mr. H.
Simms, Mr. D.
Simms, Mrs.
Simms, Mr. R.
Simms, Mr. N.
Simms, Miss D.
Simms, Miss A.
Simons, Mr. S.
Simons, Mrs.
Simons, Mast. T.
Simons, Miss J.
Smart, Mr. H.
Smart, Mr. E.*
Smith, Mr. J.
Smith, Mrs.
Smith, Miss M.
Smith, Mr. A.
Smyth, Mr. J.
Somers, Mr. E.
Spark, Mr. H.
Speed, Mr. J.
Stott, Mrs. E.
Stuart, Mr. F.
Sutherland, Mr. J.
Swain, Mr. S.*
Thompson, Mr. R.
Thomson, Mr. J.
Thomson, Mr. S.
Tipping, Mr. S.
Trafford, Mr. W.
Truscott, Mr. G.*
Tucker, Mr. L.*
Turner, Mr. C.*
Tyrer, Mr. F.
Tyrer, Mrs.
Tyrer, Mr. H.
Waddell, Mr. C.
Waddell, Mrs.
Waddell, Mast. M.
Waddell, Miss C.
Walker, Mrs. E.
Walker, Mast. D.
Walters, Mr. E.
Warn, Mr. G.*
Watson, Mr. A.
Wild, Mr. R.
Wild, Mrs.
Williams, Mr. B.
Wilson, Mr. A.
Wilson, Mr. J.
Wilson, Mr. G.
Wilson, Miss C.
Winter, Mr. W.

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