1907 – 7th June – Ruapehu

Sailing from Lyttelton, New Zealand

The contents of this passenger list have been reproduced from scans that appeared with an eBay auction Lot. I do not own the original.

Commander – R. Jaggard
Surgeon – Hugh Douglas, M.B.C.M. (Edin.)

Mr. McLachlan Eden
Mrs. Eden
Mr. Archibald K. Firth
Dr. Thomas Orr Guthrie
Mrs. Guthrie
Miss Brenda Guthrie
Mr. E. St. C. Haydon
Mrs. Haydon
Miss Edith Kennett
Mrs. Phillips
Miss Jane Preston
Miss Catherine Scruby
Mrs. Starky

Miss Agnes Austin
Mr. Alfred Banfield
Miss Elsie Bruce
Miss Emily Burrell
Miss Edith Burrell
Miss Maggie Byres
Miss Edith Mary Carter
Mr. D. H. W. Curry
Mr. James Doyle
Mr. John Doyle
Miss Margaret Doyle
Mrs. Douglas
Miss Annie Douglas
Master Hugh Douglas
Mr. Francis ? Early
Mrs. Early
Mrs. Finch
Mr. Albert ? Furse
Mr. John Jennings
Mr. J. Jordan

The following 9 names are difficult to read, please see original scan below. One seems to be Mrs. Robertson

Mr. John Ward
Mrs. Ward

Mr. Beaton
Mrs. Beaton
Miss L. Clark
Mr. Edward Cockayne
Mrs. Cockayne
Mr. John Fawcett
Mr. George Robert Green
Mr. Cuthbert Hollingshead
Mr. John Loveridge
Mr. George McIlvride
Mr. Joshua McIntyre
Mr. Robert Muirhead
Mr. David Macdonald
Mr. William O’Gorman
Mrs. O’Gorman
Mrs. Riddell
Miss Daisy Riddell
Master William Riddell
Mr. Henry Samuel
Mrs. Saul
Mr. Victor A. Seastream
Mr. Samuel Simons
Mr. Henry Simpson
Mrs. Shears
Mr. Neville Styles
Mr. ? Ward

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