1904 – 17th March – Turakina

From Wellington, New Zealand to London, UK



Commander – F. Forbes
Surgeon – A. L. Ritchie, M.B., Ch.B.



Anderson, Miss G. G.
Firth, Mr. A.
Foote, Nurse
Hankey, Mr. C. T. A.
Hargreaves, Miss M. L.
Hay, Mr. J.
Hay, Mrs.
Hay, Mr. J. C.
Hyde, Mr. R. C.
Jervis, Miss F.
Knubley, Miss D. A.
Lacey, Commander W. H. and Servant
Little, Mr. H. A.
Muggeridge, Mr. A. L.
Muggeridge, Mrs.
Pottinger, Mr. A. W.
Pottinger, Mrs.
Pottinger, Miss M.
Rammell, Miss
Rose, Miss E. G.
Silberberger, Mr. J.



Aldrich, Mrs. E. A.
Barnitt, Mr. J.
Barnitt, Miss
Bean, Miss A.
Brock, Miss S. M.
Concannon, Mr. G. L. B.
Cholmondeley, Mr. H.
Cholmondeley, Mrs.
D’Auvergne, Master C. E.
Duff, Mrs. A. R.
Dunsmuir, Miss J.
Franklin, Mrs.
Franklin, Master S. G.
Franklin, Master S. M.
Farrand, Mr. T.
Farrand, Mrs.
Farrand, Miss J. E.
Gavin, Mr. W.
Gavin, Miss
Gavin, Miss A.
Gracie, Mr. A. B.
Greenfield, Mr. A.
Hamilton, Mrs. E.
Hamilton, Miss F. T. A.
Heywood, Miss M.
Jenyns, Mr. T.
Johnson, Mrs. R.
Johnson, Miss N.
Johnson, Miss E.
Johnson, Miss L.
Johnson, Miss F.
Kent, Miss F. J.
Kerslake, Mr. T. T.
Layton, Mr. E.
McIntosh, Mr. K.
McIntosh, Mrs.
McIntosh, Miss A.
McIntosh, Miss J.
Mollet, Mr. T.
Mollet, Mrs.
Nash, Miss A.
Oliver, Mrs. E. M.
Parsons, Miss C. (The Passenger List illustrated here probably belonged to Clara Parsons, her name is written at the top of the cover page)
Reid, Miss K. E.
Runciman, Mr. R. L.
Runciman, Mrs.
Shepard, Mrs. T.
Shepard, Master L.
Shepard, Master S.
Shepard, Miss M.
Shepard, Miss R.
Springhall, Mr. J. A.
Springhall, Mrs.
Stansbury, Mr. O.
Stark, Mr. W.
Taggart, Mr. J. A.
Taggart, Mrs.
Threlkeld, Miss I.



Adams, Mr. W. E.
Ancott, Mr. H.
Arbuckle, Mr. J.
Arbuckle, Mrs.
Armitage, Mrs. R.
Armitage, Miss E.
Banks, Mr. A. J.
Barrow, Mr. H.
Bates, Mr. H.
Bates, Mrs.
Bethune, Mr. W.
Branigan, Mr. D.
Bussell, Mrs. C. J.
Cairns, Mr. A.
Clarke, Mr. B.
Coombs, Mr. J.
Currie, Mrs. M.
Darlington, Mrs.
Darlington, Miss
Dinan, Mr. D.
Dinnan, Mr. J.
Franklin, Mr. R.
Gray, Miss R.
Gregory, Mr. W.
Hope, Mr. A.
Hopkins, Mrs. S. J.
Humphrey, Mr. J.
Irving, Mr. J.
Irving, Mrs.
Jaspers, Mr. G.
Jensen, Mr. F.
Johnson, Mr. J.
Johnstone, Mr. T.
Johnstone, Mrs.
Lellek, Miss N.
Mathewson, Mr. A.
Montagu, Mr. J.
Montague, Mr. T.
Morrell, Mr. W.
Pender, Mr. J.
Pender, Mrs.
Roband, Mr. S.
Rogers, Mr. W. F.
Scally, Mr. J.
Scott, Mr. T.
Stephens, Mr. T.
Storey, Mr. D. R.
Thomas, Mrs. M. H.
Varley, Mr. H. W.
Willoughby, Mr. W.
Wilson, Mr. J.


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