1903 – 23rd April – Ruapehu

From London and Plymouth, UK to New Zealand, and to Hobart, Tasmania via Cape Town

Note: This passenger listing is taken from an eBay auction Lot which was listed for sale in April 2016. Fortunately, many of the pages were scanned in the description. The passenger who owned this listing travelled from Cape Town to Hobart and kept a Log of their journey which I have included here.



Commander – F. Mayoss, R.N.R.
Surgeon – G. Lyon, M.B., M.S., C.M.


Mr. T. D. Acland
Mrs. Acland
Mr. H. F. Batterbee
Mr. C. E. Betts
Mrs. Betts
Mr. W. Dinnie
Mrs. Dinnie
Mr. E. Dinnie
Mr. F. Dinnie
Master C. Dinnie
Master D. Dinnie
Mr. R. W. Gray
Mrs. C. Macneil
Mr. W. T. Power
Mrs. Power
Mr. C. A. Smith
Mrs. Smith
Miss D. Smith
Mrs. H. Spensley and Maid
Miss Spensley
Miss E. Spensley
Mr. W. R. Wright
Mrs. Wright and Maid
Miss M. Wright

RuapehuApr1903-MapSECOND SALOON

Mr. A. W. J. Barclay
Miss H. Barnes
Mr. R. K. Bradbury
Miss B. E. Castellain
Mr. H. Coxshall
Mrs. Coxshall
Miss G. Coxshall
Miss H. Coxshall
Miss W. Coxshall
Master W. G. Coxshall
Miss M. J. Fisher
Miss H. Foster
Mrs. A. S. Gurney
Master A. W. Gurney
Miss J. L. Hicks
Mr. E. Howe
Mrs. Howe
Miss L. Hudson
Miss G. Lodge
Miss C. McKay
Mrs. M. Perry
Miss R. Perry
Master R. Perry
Mrs. F. Phipson
Master C. Phipson
Mr. C. E. Reeves
Mrs. Reeves
Master C. Reeves
Miss I. Smith
Mr. R. J. Stark
Mr. A. D. Trendall
Miss K. Twentyman
Mr. A. H. Young

RuapehuApr1903-LogTHIRD CLASS

Mr. C. D. Binnington
Mr. T. Blake
Mr. W. Bradshaw
Mr. C. H. Chamberlain
Mrs. J. Clifford
Mr. L. Desterberg
Mr. D. Duncan
Mr. W. A. Evans
Mr. A. H. Farmer
Mrs. Farmer
Miss E. M. Farmer
Miss G. Farmer
Mr. T. W. Finch
Mrs. P. Greenlees
Mr. A. F. Gustafson
Mr. A. H. Harbottle
Mrs. Harbottle
Master A. Harbottle
Miss Ada M. Harbottle
Miss Alice M. Harbottle
Miss F. W. Harrison
Mr. F. Henson
Mr. J. Innes
Mr. A. W. Johansson
Mrs. J. A. Johanson
Mr. E. J. Jones
Mr. W. Jones
Mrs. E. Knowles
Mr. J. Lang
Mr. G. Lawrence
Mr. G. L. Limbrick
Mr. J. F. Lindström
Mr. T. A. McClean
Miss M. Meharry
Mr. J. Michael
Mr. C. Mörk
Mr. P. Murphy
Miss L. Murphy
Mr. F. Nye
Mr. W. Payne
Mr. E. J. Pettman
Miss E. Poole
Mr. J. Ramsey
Mrs. Ramsey
Mrs. Renshaw
Mr. T. Revell
Mr. J. H. W. Rhodes
Mr. W. J. Simpson
Mrs. Simpson
Master H. Simpson
Master J. Simpson
Mrs. H. A. Taylor
Miss E. Tooke
Mr. G. E. Turner
Mrs. Turner
Miss A. Turner
Mr. A. G. Wales
Mrs. Wales
Mr. A. Webb
Mr. S. Zwart