1903 – 21st January – Papanui

From Wellington, New Zealand to London, UK


Commander: T. S. Weston
Surgeon: H. R. Sloan, M.D., &c.



Curran, Mr. John
Dalston, Mr. H. M.
Dalston, Mrs.
Fleming, Mr. H.
Greenstreet, Mrs. E.
Greenstreet, Miss G.
Hole, Mr. Robert
Lemon, Mr. R. J.
Sloane, Mrs. H. R.



Fortescue, Mrs. A. C.
Hazard, Mrs.
Hawkins, Mrs. E.
Hawkins, Master Frederick D.
Kean, Sergeant-Major
Kean, Mrs.
Kean, Master John Edward
Kean, Miss Violet
Kean, Master Richard W.
Kean, Master Geo. W.
Kean, Miss Katherine
Kent, Mr. G. H.
Maud, Mr. B.
Maud, Miss E.
Rogers, Miss E.
Wilson, Mrs. W.
Wilson, Master



Carr, Mr. John
Consterdine, Mr. A. R.
Elborne, Mr. E. V.
Finlay, Mr. Thos. W.
Gallagher, Mr. John
Leidlaw, Mr. George
McGuffie, Mr. James
Pettman, Mr. E. J.
Pimpinelli, Mr. Carlo
Sharpe, Miss M.
Wall, Mrs. O.


• A second copy of this passenger listing recently came up for sale on eBay and I was outbid. Fortunately, however, the included images were clear enough to reproduce below.
• There are other names written in pen on the printed passenger listing which are fairly difficult to read. Please click on the scans below to see larger.

Please leave a comment, especially if you have found a relative on the shipping lists

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